First There Was Me... Then I Added 3 (Part 3B: Mushu)

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Part 3B: Mushu

First There Was Me... Then I Added 3 (Part 3B: Mushu)

To be honest I don’t even remember how we reconnected, BUT what I do remember was going to see a musical with my niece in the area where he lived. It was in April and I finished performing in a musical where I had my first solo. I told him to come by so we could hang out after the show. After the show we met up and he apologized for the bonfire fiasco.

We sat down at this chess table outside the library and he began sharing his songs with me that he had been working on. I forgot to mention he had a KILLER singing voice, and he was also an amazing songwriter/poet. He wasn’t always that great of a singer to me though because he use to sing in a higher range which needed a lot of work. I told him he had talent but needed some more practice if he wanted to continue singing that high without damaging his vocals.

When he began singing one of his songs, I was shocked at how good he was. I have a huge weak spot for musicians especially singers and guitar players and at that point, I fell for him. I was so mesmerized by his voice it almost made me forget the bonfire of hell ever happened. When he stopped singing he asked me to do a duet with him and as much as I love singing and had a decent voice I was nervous and scared because he was a way better singer than I was.

After a couple hours together, I was getting ready to head home when he invited me to his house. Turned out he hadn’t invited anyone to his house before, not even his guy friends. I took that invitation and soon enough I was there almost three times a week. I wasn't even driving and I would travel over one and a half hours by bus one way, just to see him and make music. After a week or so he invited me over to his friend’s house and introduced his crew to me. To this day we all still keep in contact minus one guy who I still don't like. Some time passed and we started going out on dates for sushi, which he introduced me to and despite being a serious skeptical person, I actually loved it.

We continued hanging out and soon enough I met his family and at that point I fell for him even harder. After my horrible break up with Romeo, I called my friend up to ask for advice in regards to giving him a chance if the offer was still there. My friend told me I should go for it, and I thought maybe she was right. I am always the one to follow rules and do everything by the book so I thought what’s one more… right?

After a few months, whenever I went to his house and his mom saw me she would ask if we were dating and I said no because we weren’t. I didn’t even know what we were besides friends with benefits at that point. I had feelings for him and I was sure he had feelings for me too, so I asked him if he liked me and he said yes. Then I asked him if he saw us being together as a couple in the near future. He basically said he didn’t know and that relationships got boring to him so they never lasted long. After I heard that, I cut all ties that we had in regards to anything past friends.

In August 2015, I had planned a huge surprise for him because his birthday was at the end of September. A day at a hotel, all you can eat dinner and then some presents consisting of everything he liked where anime was concerned. After I told him we were going to be just friends and no more dating, he agreed. A lot was happening for me in that month, I was about to start theatre performance in college and was finally going to be living on my own for the first time.

He had helped me moved into my first place, which was horrible because it was filled with centipedes. I know you are thinking, how did I not know this beforehand when I went to check out the place? I had both my parents there with me and we asked the landlord if it was clean since it appeared clean when we looked. He said yes and that there were no bugs or anything so I signed the lease. I kid you not, that same night I saw about 4-5 centipedes in my bedroom—both on the floor and the ceiling crawling like a million miles per hour as if they were having a race.

I was so terrified and that night when I met my roommate she said how gross the place was because she had been living there for the past two years. She showed me all the stuff that happened in that house and I was out of there within three days. Mushu helped me move to another place I found up the street, where my roommate and I were going to be living together.

On the day I moved to the new place, the new landlord wanted to contact my old landlord just to make sure everything was okay with me moving in. The old landlord told my new landlord that I broke my lease early and couldn't be trusted. Due to his lies, I was kicked out of the new place and I was left homeless a week before school was about to start. I had to use money I didn’t have to rent storage and move back with my mom for the time being.

In October, I found another place and again I had help moving in but not from Mushu. I had help from my brother, my new landlord, and his friend. This place was a huge upgrade, I had a two-bedroom apartment with a balcony, I was going to be sharing with one person and the rent was affordable. The best part about the place was that there were NO centipedes. It was not bug free though, as I later found out there was an ant infestation.

In the middle of October, I invited Mushu to come over and hangout so we could finish watching the Harry Potter series, since he made me sit through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Just so you know, I am a Harry Potter fan and hated Lord Of The Rings before even watching the movies. Every movie he had me watch was the EXTENDED version and then he had me watch the Hobbit series too. After we watched those he kept his promise to watch the Harry Potter series but little did I know he lied when he said he had not seen the movies because he did. I watched Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit for nothing, but I will admit the movies weren't so bad; just really long.

Fast-forward about a month it was now November 2015. While in school I noticed I was having a lot of stomach pains, which to me was normal because it happened a lot. I ended up going to the hospital to rule out any ovarian cysts and to my surprise, the doctor told me I was pregnant and congratulated me. I was scared and confused and did not know what to do with this information. I knew I couldn’t tell my mom, as she would've definitely killed me. I figured I would call my dad because I thought he would be easier to handle, since I barely saw him and we had a good relationship. I was wrong because he was so angry and made me feel bad, saying It wasn't smart because I was in school.

By the way, I already had one diploma for acting but wanted a theatrical acting diploma, which is why I went back to school. I asked him if he could tell my mom, because I absolutely could not bring myself to more negativity and disappointment. After talking to my dad I called Mushu to tell him the news and he was shocked. He was just as scared as I was, if not more and asked if I could abort it.

Of course I wasn’t upset with him, because I knew he was just scared as I was and wasn’t thinking straight. When he said he had wanted nothing to do with the baby if I kept it—THAT made me angry and upset. No one should have to ever be alone in raising a child, let alone the 9 months of carrying him or her. As angry as I was I said fine, but don’t think you can come back down the road saying you are ready to be a parent.

I missed school for a few days, which then turned into a few weeks and eventually I dropped out when I finished the semester. I began slowly fading into depression and that was when I messaged Romeo. I had no one to talk to and he was always there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on. Ironically enough Romeo was having issues of his own, and was about to face homelessness again. With the emotional state I was in plus the combination of my forgiving personality I told him he could move in with me until he got back on his feet.

…To Be Continued.

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