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First Date reboot

by Wendy Leggett about a year ago in marriage
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Forever Love

First Date reboot
Photo by Jacob Rank on Unsplash

Taking a deep breath she looked around, making sure that everything was perfect. She been planning this night for weeks and it was finally here. People talked about what it was like to be married to the person you love and starting a life together, but they never tell you what comes after the honeymoon phase.

The years pass and careers and family leave you with less time with each other until you see each other only at dinner time and bed time. Even then things get rushed through as tiredness takes it's toll.

But tonight it would just be the two of them, the children with their grandparents, and she'd taken off at lunch to get everything prepared. She was setting up a remake of their first date.

The lasagna was in the oven, the candles were lit, and the merlot chilled and in the ice bucket beside the table. She'd moved the larger table to the side and replaced it with the round table from the kitchen, had even found a table cover that was the exact copy of the one where they'd had at the restaurant.

She had gone by and got her hair and nails done before returning home and changing into a strapless, blue dress and applying her makeup. She smiled at herself in the mirror before going out to the dining room. Now she waited for him to arrive.

Finally she heard him come in and put his briefcase down on the table beside it. When she heard his footsteps head toward the stairs she realized he didn't think she was home yet.

"Honey, I'm in here." She called to him and heard his direction change.

He walked in with his brown hair tousled, as if he'd been running his hands through it. He'd loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt to show his throat and portion of his chest. Finishing with rolling his shirt sleeves up, he looked around in surprise.

When his eyes fell on her, he stopped in his tracks. "I know that I didn't forget our anniversary."

She giggled. "In a way," she approached him and put her arms around his neck. "It's the fifteen year anniversary of our first date."

After a slow kiss, he sniffed the air, "Is that why I smell lasagna?"

He led her to the table held her chair out. "Where are the kids?"

""With my parents." she told him before telling him, "I have to get it from the oven."

"I'll do that and bring it to the table. if you tell me how you arranged to have me out of the office so early." He told her with a grin.

"I spoke with your secretary, who spoke with the other secretaries, and you schedules got caught up, allowing a free evening." She explained, then teased, "Haven't you been told that it's women that rule the world?"

Shaking his head he poured her a glass of merlot and went to bring the rest of their dinner in. it wasn't long before both plates were full.

"When did you think this up?"

"It was a few weeks ago when I was reading an article about putting the romance back in your marriage." she admitted. "While reading their suggestions I wondered who had time for that between work and kids."

"So, you decided to make time?" He sat his empty plate aside, slid his chair closer, and took her hand on the table. "And the first date idea? You certainly went all out."

She beamed. "I didn't think you noticed."

He lifted her hand to his lips. "I remember the dress." he turned her hand over and kissed the inside her wrist, causing her pulse to leap. He kept her hand while leaning forward. "Although that is luck since I remember staring at your lips all night."

"Starring at my lips," she wondered aloud.

He nodded and gave her a sexy grin, like he was about to tell her a secret, and cupped her cheek. "The way your top lip arches, an your fuller lower lip dips makes your mouth heart shaped. I still find it fascinating. "

His thumb traced her bottom lip before his hand slid to the back of her neck to pull her close for a kiss. For the first time in a long time, the lips soft and warm against hers weren't rushed. He moved almost lazily as he drew her closer.

When he released her she smiled with her eyes still closed, and murmured. "Mmm, that was nice."

He chuckled, and when she opened her eyes she saw that he was pouring them more wine. He handed her a glass, "What was your favorite part of the date?"

"The good night kiss." she smirked as she sipped, then grew serious "It was the way you listened and seemed to hang on my every word."

Finishing his wine he replied, "Oh, is that why you never stopped talking? You were chatty."

She leaned toward him. "That's because I was nervous. I couldn't believe that you had finally asked me out."

He leaned forward as well.

"It only took so long because I was convinced that you would say no." he confided. "I never feared rejection as much as I did with you."

She placed a hand on his cheek. "Why would reject such a sexy man?"

His brow arched. "You thought I was sexy?"

"I couldn't wait for our first kiss- to be wrapped in your arms with your lips on mine." she spoke softly. "Kind of like tonight."

"Lets see what I can do about that." His hands on her waist he picked her up and set her on his lap. Sliding his arms around her waist he inquired, "Is this better?"


She leaned in to meld her lips with his, their tongues gently caressing each other. His hands ran up her back, pressing her to his hard chest. Her hair fell from the twist she'd put it in when he buried his hand into the heavy locks.

She felt a flutter in her chest as he released the rest of the pins and her hair felt to her shoulders. Lifting away from him to shake her hair out, she felt his mouth move to her throat.

They took their time and enjoyed the freedom of no interruptions as they made love. Somehow ending up on the living room coach wrapped in nothing more than each other's arms.

He broke the silence first. "I think you should plan more evenings like this."

"I agree, but how about we take turns planning."

He ran his hand through her hair and one arm around her waist. "Do you think it's possible?"

Raising her head and looking into his brown eyes. "I think that as long as we love each other enough we'll find a way. The children are older, spending more time away from home, and both our parents are more than willing to keep them over night."

He pulled her up along his body until he could kiss her before saying, "Then we'll be finding away when we're sixty because I'll never stop loving you."

Her heart burst with happiness. "Forever sounds good to me."


About the author

Wendy Leggett

Live in a small town in South Georgia. I've been writing since I was 12 years old. I'm happily married with a grey pit and 3 cats.

Soon to be self publ my first contemporary romance.


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