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Female Behavior & 9 Things Girls Do to Feel Better After a Breakup

A relationship ending is never an easy experience to go through. Here are some actions that girls do following a breakup, and more significantly, what they ought to take.

By berry liPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Breakups may bring out the worst in people, causing unpredictable behavior and leaving the one who was abandoned with a despair that they will do anything to overcome. The fact that many women have developed similar strategies for overcoming the post-breakup blues after experiencing decades of dumps comes as no surprise, and they go beyond merely curling up with a bowl of ice cream and a love movie. But you're definitely interested in knowing what exactly girls do following a breakup.

Instead, women have established breakup etiquette that entails sexifying their appearances, engaging in fleeting sexual encounters, and letting their bodies bear the brunt of their resentment. So how do women experiment with their post-breakup behavior?

What most girls do following a breakup

Have you ever indulged in any of these activities while you were still processing a breakup?

1. She alters her appearance

After a breakup, dying your hair might feel liberating. This is also one of the most common actions taken by women when they end a relationship.

Why the coloring then? After a breakup, especially if she was the one who was abandoned, women seek a change. Going blonde, creating an ombre, or turning flaming red will jolt her out of her slumber and give her the impression that she still has some sex to offer. The simplest thing she may do to change up her appearance is dye her hair.

A variation of this is to cut her hair. This is what some might consider a “drastic” change, as women are often attached to their hair, which is what makes this change feel so empowering.

2. She'll have one night only with him.

One-night stands are a terrible, yet liberating, thing to do after a breakup. Women engage in one-night stands for similar reasons as men do: they want to feel desired, they desire quick and cheap sex, they desire to encounter someone new, and they desire to temporarily forget about their ex.

While this may provide that sought after ego-boost after a nasty breakup, you may want to reconsider this option.

For example, you may be tempted to use a close male friend to fulfill this desire to be desired, but this may only confuse or muddle your friendship.

As good as it may feel at the time, you just might wake up the next morning feeling cheap and a little easy. Moreover, it isn’t fair to abuse someone emotionally, just so that you can justify your independence or your sexual prowess.

3. She is involved with someone again.

Rebound relationships can be advantageous for you, on the one hand. The importance of rebound relationships is that they immediately demonstrate that your ex is not the only person in the world for you. Rebound relationships can be an emotional roller coaster. Having feelings for someone else after a breakup is shocking, but also incredibly fulfilling.

The negative? Rebounds seldom endure. Your emotional fragility makes it unlikely that you will trust your new connection or be willing to invest the necessary time and effort in it.

In fact, as much as you might like your new beau, you may still be incredibly hung up on your ex. Most importantly, and much like having post-breakup ego-sex, you are using someone else who may really be into you, just so that you can get over your last love. Not exactly fair.

4. She gives up food.

Women stop eating after a breakup, among other things. This sickness, sometimes referred to as "the heartbroken diet," rarely results from the woman's own choice.

This "diet" is probably not self-inflicted; rather, it is a depression-related side effect brought on by the rejection and significant shift associated with ending a relationship.

A few studies revealed that within a month of being dumped, women typically lost 5 pounds. The cause? When you experience depression or anxiety, you lose the desire to eat well and take care of yourself.

Your ex may have provided you with emotional stability and one heck of a romp in bed, but he is unquestionably not worth jeopardizing your physical health for.

5. She’ll cyber stalk her ex

As creepy or unhealthy as it may be, it’s only natural in this age where people live their lives like a reality show online that the woman is going to want to stalk her ex-love after their relationship has ended.

She’s going to want to know what he’s up to if he’s talked about the breakup, what his friends are saying, how he’s looking, and of course: if there’s a new girl in town.

This is all a form of self-inflicted torture for the woman who’s freshly dumped. While this can trail down an unhealthy road, it can also be incredibly freeing to see that your ex has moved on and it may move you to pursue the same route.

6. Cry

It comes as no surprise to anyone that one of the most common things women *and men!* tend to do after a breakup is to cry.

Not only do they cry, but they also use this as a perfect excuse to bust out their favorite chocolate-themed picnic and binge on sad and sappy movies.

7. Binge eat

Aside from binging on movies, some women binge on junk. Opposite of #4 on this list, some women go the opposite direction and have a “sad binge” on junk food such as chips, carbs, sweets, and soda.

The reason? Eating brings us comfort, with some studies even revealing foods that can release dopamine.

8. Party

Men aren’t the only ones who run to booty-shake at the clubs after losing their lover. Women love to dance, so not only is this a fun release to let loose with the girls, but dancing can also release feel-good endorphins that’ll help you battle your breakup blues. [Read: 20 best questions to ask your ex after a breakup to find closure]

9. Complain to their friends

Most people know that girls like to talk to their friends about their relationships, and that includes their breakups.

Typically, they will go over what happened in every little detail. They will dissect the relationship and try to figure out what went wrong. Her friends will lend a shoulder for her to cry on.

So now you are aware of what girls do and shouldn't do following a breakup. Although you may not want to acknowledge it, it's likely that your ex-lover will lose their unique place in your heart, and as a result, you'll be better off. You won't even need to colour your hair!


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