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Feeling Sexually Rejected By Husband (When Your Spouse No Longer Wants To Be Intimate)

If you're feeling sexually rejected by your husband, you probably want to know why. Find out what is going on in the mind of a man who doesn't want to be intimate with his wife, and what you can do to make him desire you and love you like crazy. Read on to find out what to do when your spouse no longer wants to be intimate.

By Amira LyricPublished about a year ago 5 min read

They say men love sex. Your husband usually cannot get enough of it - so much so that you have to push him off and remind him the kids are in the house - and wide awake. But what happens when your husband suddenly stops wanting to have sex with you? Does this mean that he's no longer desiring you - or even cheating? What about when a husband refuses to have sex with you? Since when does a husband refuse sex from his wife?

Great marriages have great intimacy. Great sex contributes to creating and maintaining great intimacy. So, when a husband stops wanting sex, it's a cause of great concern for his wife. "Why not? Why doesn't he want to have sex with me? Aren't I good enough? Or is he bored?" she wonders.

Some women assume refusal of sex is also a direct sign that their husbands are cheating on them with a younger, hotter, sexier woman. Can this be true? Definitely, but this is not always the case. Men stop having or desiring sex for many reasons, and a lot of them aren't directly related to you as his wife or life partner.

Stress is one of the first things to kill a man's sex drive. If your husband's going through a lot of stress at work, in his family or with people around him, he might experience a major deadening of the sexual appetite. Yes, other times men love sex as a stress buster, but sometimes it's just not as effective. Major life changes - including the birth of a child or death of a parent - can kill his sex drive.

Stress in your marriage may also bring his sexual appetite to a stop. For example, if you recently received a promotion at work that allows you to make more money than he does, he might become insecure as a man. He wants to be the main provider and breadwinner and knowing that his woman is getting more than him might make him feel emasculated, and thus turn him off to the idea of sex with his "competition". (Crazy, huh?)

General insecurity also kills a man's sex drive and confidence. Men need to have confidence when they're making love in order to deliver a great experience. If he's gained weight, gotten into trouble at work, feels bad about himself or is just insecure for any number of reasons, lack of sex is a sign that he needs to resecure himself. When a man is insecure there are a number of ways you can assist him, but overall, he'll need to help himself.

Stress and insecurity are only two possible reasons why your husband refuses to have sex with you. You won't know until you ask him directly. Prepare to sit him down and speak with him about your concerns. Show empathy as a wife and a lover and allow him to feel your openness to helping him overcome whatever it is so he can feel like a man again - in and out of the bedroom.

Make Your Husband Want You - Tips on Being Irresistible to Your Man

You were both probably irresistible with each other when you were dating or after the wedding but when you eventually live together and face more responsibilities in life, the relationship may become dull and stale. But don't worry, there are still many ways you can do to make your husband want you more. Being irresistible especially when it comes to lovemaking is one sure way to make your husband want you more. Lovemaking is an essential part of marriage and making your husband satisfied in bed is one good way to please him. To help you find ways to make your husband want you more especially in bed, here are some things that you may find useful.

Don't be boring in bed. Men love variety in bed. This may be a well-known tip that you may have come across a hundred times, but indeed, this can work wonders in making your husband want you more. Break the monotony in your lovemaking. Go bold and be a little crazy sometimes. Find creative ways in making love and don't forget to have fun too. Research on new positions, new techniques and learn about the erogenous zones of a man's body.

Make him feel loved by initiating sex. You should not always wait for your husband to take the lead when it comes to lovemaking. Make him feel that you care for him by taking the lead at times. Find ways to seduce him. Men are easily turned on by what they see - so make sure you are pleasing to his eyes when you get to bed. Don't just dress up to show off to your friends and other people. You can also seduce him by telling him things he would most likely want to hear. Send him an email about the things you want to do to him, or whisper to him the things that you want.

Be responsive. It is not bad to say what you feel, or let your partner know that you enjoy this or that - and you enjoy lovemaking itself. Indeed, it will make your husband want you more if he knows that he is satisfying you in bed. Don't let them guess whether you like it or not. Guide him and let him know what you want or where you want to be touched. Being too shy to ask or show emotions during lovemaking is often one hindrance that makes women unable to reach orgasm. Do not just put all that responsibility to your husband. You have to guide him too.

Be pleasing to his eyes. If you want to make your husband want you more, dress for him and not for others. You may be going out to parties in your best look, but you settle for that old oversized shirt when you go to bed with your husband. If you want to make your husband want your more, put on that sexy lingerie or seductive night gown when you go to bed. Although women needs more than all these to get turned on, keep in mind that lovemaking is giving and letting your partner enjoy the lovemaking and not just being so self-centered and just minding on your own pleasures.

Specific things you say and do can encourage natural responses within your spouse that make them crave to be intimate with you. Saying or doing the wrong thing will only worsen the problem and can lead to your partner feeling emotionally detached from you. Find out what you need to be doing to help your spouse regain his desire for you.

Most couples struggle with discussing the issue of a sexless marriage and as a result, nothing ever changes and both become more and more frustrated. Don't waste another day wishing your intimate life was more fulfilling, change it now.

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