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Father's hug

by Flender 2 months ago in love
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The father was a grumpy man, he never held his son.

The father was a grumpy man, and he never held his son. When the son was young, he was very naughty and angered the father, so the father swung his arm and spanked the son's ass hard.

When the son was twelve years old, the mother died. For as long as the son can remember, the mother has been coughing and frowning. The mother left with a smile, as if to say, I will no longer be tormented by pain.

Before her mother died, her fingers were deeply pinched on her father's arm. Father didn't feel any pain at all. He put his other hand on his mother's hand and said, If you have anything to say, just say it. Mother said, I know your temper is caused by me. You hate me for not being able to stand up like a normal person. Now that I'm gone, you can be relieved, but I don't trust my son. You have to take good care of him and don't lose your temper.

Soon, the father took his son into the mountain. The father was a root carver. On the first day he entered the mountain, he took his son to chop down a bunch of tree roots, and then threw a knife to his son to carve a decent thing. The son had never learned it formally, and the things he carved were very rough. The father picked up his son's work, took a look, slapped his son on the butt, and scolded, If you are not angry, carve again. The son threw the knife to the ground and said loudly, kill me. The father was stunned, he looked at the nail marks on his arm that were pinched by his mother, and fell silent.

His father's temper was getting worse and worse. The son could see that his father was also restraining himself, but he couldn't restrain himself. When he became angry, he lost his mind, and there seemed to be an exploding volcano in his chest.

That day, his son's first work was finally sold. The father was rarely happy. He came back from the town and bought a new dress for his son. When the son took off his old clothes, the father was stunned. He saw that his son was originally delicate. On his back, he couldn't find a good place the size of a palm, full of scars.

The father looked at his hands, then at the nail marks on his arms, touched his son's back and asked, does it hurt? The son gritted his teeth and said, no pain.

The father changed his son's clothes and went out. He walked into the deep mountain, stopped in front of a rock, and then hit the stone with one palm and one palm, until his palms were bloody, before sitting on the ground. Suddenly, the father saw a tree root under the stone, which was very rare and looked like a human. The father pulled out the knife behind his back and tried it. If he cut it off at the ground, the shape of the root would not be complete. He thought about it and began to dig under the stone.

The roots of the tree were finally dug out, and my father felt that the stone was beginning to loosen. He looked up and saw that the rock was slowly leaning over. At that moment, my father felt as if he was very dull. Although his body backed away, his arms met him.

Two days later, the son found his father on the mountain and found that his father's arms were pressed under the stone. He couldn't move the stone, so he ran to the town, called someone, and rescued his father.

Since then, the father's character has become soft, like an old goat. However, every time the son sees his father like this, he wants to cry. The father said, child, root carving is also an art, learn it hard.

The son nodded and tried to figure it out with his heart. The father often explained on the side, and what made the son happy was that there seemed to be a channel between him and his father's heart. No matter how deep the truth in his father's words was, he would understand it as soon as he heard it, and his heart would be bright.

At the age of eighteen, his son was already famous for his root carving art. Once, a neighbor of the village took a newspaper and said to his son that there was a folk art exhibition in the province, so you might as well try it. The son took the newspaper back and pointed it to his father. The father said, go, you are no less than any other artist. Next, the son began to prepare the works for the exhibition. He wanted to carve a flying bird, or a bridge, or even a castle to express his ambition and yearning for a better life. However, when he picked up the root that his father dug out from under the rock that day, his heart moved.

A month later, my son went to the provincial folk art exhibition hall. His son's work "Father's Embrace" caused a sensation in the art world. It was a middle-aged man with dark skin and a bare back. His arms were outstretched and he was in a hugging posture. In particular, those slender arms that were more than twice his height seemed to embrace the whole world, full of imagination and artistic tension.

"Father's Embrace" won the full vote and was named the best work. When someone asked about the meaning of his son's work. The son said, this is my father. Although he is a grumpy person in appearance, he actually has a deep love in his chest.

The artists decided to see the prototype of the work, so they drove into the mountain the next day. They were stunned when they saw their father, who turned out to be a disabled man with amputated arms.

Artists have said that your son shows your arms exaggeratedly on the art stage, and it can be seen that in his heart, you are a perfect person. The father said regretfully, I was a bad father, and when my arms were healthy, I didn't hug my son once.

The son said with tears on his face, No, you did it on purpose, you didn't want to hurt me again.


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