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Fast Food Content has Slaughtered Creativity

Digital culture has killed art.

By Liam M Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Fast Food Content has Slaughtered Creativity
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The internet has dumbed down creativity

And consuming content can be daunting, it is after all, infinite. You can scroll almost indefinitely and never run out of content. On the other side are the creators, who have to keep up with the hamster wheel of content. These creators have to fight for the attention of the few.

I'm talking about the pressure to make content constantly. Maybe you are well aware of this feeling? It's no wonder you are burnt out, we are losers battling against an insatiable beast.

If you're not creating content, you're falling behind. Quantity over quality.

E = content³

Have you noticed that artists are disappearing and content creators have replaced them? Everyone and their cat now creates content. It doesn't matter if you're a photographer, graphic designer, artist, or writer. There's now only one label.


There are no longer free-flowing ideas, or abstract thoughts. Artists have died and content creators have paved the way. Everything is CONTENT.

Tell me. Did you start writing because you're passionate?

If so, does it make you sad that you're churning out half-assed content about writing on Medium to get some views?

You have lost yourself on the way to happiness. Now you're stuck in a living hell fighting a damn algorithm. You write for money and likes. The money is great. But claps - they're worthless, they don't mean anything. It's not even a sign of a popular article.

Like this article I published in February, it has almost 800 claps. Yet it has over 100 hours of reading time, and keeps on going up daily. I got caught up in the hype and tried to replicate this article. I lost my motivation to write, I was doing it for the money. I wanted to see that green notification button glowing with joy.

A fresh start

Do you ever start the day brimming with inspiration? Today will be the day you will finally paint. Maybe you'll bake something tasty.

The daydream stops abruptly as reality snaps back. Did you forget you're a CONTENT CREATOR? You don't have time to have fun, you must feed the content milling machine.

So now you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Your creativity suffers because you concentrate on creating content. And your content just sucks- because you're not putting your heart and soul into it. Instead of blaming the internet for crushing creativity, you blame yourself. Leading you to feel deflated and uninspired, and of course uncreative.

Instead of doing what you love, you are being repetitive and boring. You have now become a full-time content creator, recycling old content.

But this is not isolated to you.

The narrowing down of creativity has removed the passion for most. Renaming 'art', and calling it 'content' reduces its purpose. This "art" is not art, it is merely something that holds people's attention for a prolonged period.

It can get quite frustrating when you pour your heart into a piece of art work that gets little or no attention. When compared to a celebrity who posts a picture with little to no thought and gets millions of likes.

And the creatives are left to wither away, forcing out 'content' every day. The flaw of this design is being narrowed into a rabbit hole. You find something that works, i.e. writing about writing. Losing the will to be creative you churn out repetitive shit.

The artist creates value

We are at a point in time where the name is worth more than the work. As has been the case for a few centuries. However, work is cheaper and easier to get out of there. Yet you need to stand out to be seen. Once you are established, it's easy. Emphasizing branding, take Andy Warhol for example. Some of his pieces aren't great in regards to creativity.

It was his brand that people wanted. Like the top writers on this website.

They have been here for many years, worked at building a following, and now the algorithm shoves them down the throats of all newcomers. And it's good, they mostly deserve the attention. It just feels as though their work has become stale. The artist's name has created value in their work. Therefore the quality had dropped, and they have become lazy. Riding the wave of fame, on the way they lost the will to be creative. They need to produce content, quickly, to stay relevant.

I never want to feel this way. I don't want my art to suffer. I don't want to kill my creativity.

What do you want, sell your soul and be a content creator? Or remain happy making art and being creative?

I know which one I'd prefer.

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