Fake Sugar Daddies Continued

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And some reminders

Fake Sugar Daddies Continued

There's some men who say "I don't have to prove myself, I'm verified and I have a track record." I usually tell men like this that they haven't proven themselves to me, so until they prove themselves to me I don't know if they're real. In any type of arrangement or relationship, you have to prove yourself to the other person. We as sugar babies have to prove ourselves to the daddies, so why shouldn't they have to do the same?

I spoke about the scammer excuse of the "financial adviser" in a previous post, but there is another version I ran into lately on a sugar site. A guy messaged me and quickly gave me his number. I laughed and texted him, wondering how fast it would take a turn towards being a scam. Sure enough, after a few messages, he said, "I want you to delete your account on the sugar sites and I will put you on a payroll plan for 2k a week." I pumped the breaks cause normally pay roll usually means he has to have your bank account information. There is no need for a sugar daddy to have your bank info. I also don't believe it is ethical or legal for a daddy to put you on the payroll if you don't actually work for him.

I also ran into a daddy that wanted a girl to move in immediately. I don't advise that at all; once you are moved in, you may be stuck. If you paid any moving in expense (shipping, movers, plane tickets), you may be expected to pay all of that to move out. There's something wrong with anyone who wants someone to move in so soon.

Also remember, don't send nudes so quickly or at all. There are collectors of nudes who don't pay and post revenge porn. If you don't know revenge porn is, it's when a person posts sexual pictures or videos on the internet, typically by a former sexual partner, without the permission of the subject to embarrass them and possibly ruin their lives.

One source said that if the guy has a crap character, that's a red flag. Honestly, if he is just a guy with crap character or is a jerk, then you may just not want to put up with him. There are men that have crap characters that think that women (and possibly the world) owe them. In the case of them, the "you owe me" guy, don't believe his shit. There are men that won't say that you owe him stuff, but he will believe it and act like you owe them. I'll do a whole post about the "you owe me" guy later. The reason why the "you owe me" guy is bad in the sugar world is that he may not pay you or give you anything for your time.

If he thinks he is doing you a huge favor and you'll be forever in his debt, run. There's a huge different between him believing he's doing you favor and him believing that he's helping you out. An allowance is not a handout, it's a hand up. Sugar babies work hard for their money and their sugar daddies. Also, true daddies look at allowances and gifts as a way to help young woman, or they also can look at them as gifts.

Beware of the "bargain hunter," and I'm not talking about the guy who shops the sale at Barney's. I'm talking about the guy who haggles with you to pay or give you less. You have your range for a reason. However, there are some girls who expect whale daddy money ($4,000 or more a month) from every daddy. It is ok to have those expectations, just know whale daddies are rare, meaning you can't expect every daddy to give you that. Some potential sugar daddies won't be able to afford your allowance preference, but some of these men can make great sugar daddies. If you like a guy but your allowance expectations are a little out of his range, you can just adjust the amount of time you spend together and put some limits on your availability.

Also, if what you do for him doesn't match the benefits you receive, you need to let him go. There are some men who will offer you allowance, but you could make more working at places like Starbucks with extra benefits.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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