Everyone Is Gay At This Point....

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At least that's what I'm witnessing

Everyone Is Gay At This Point....
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Okay, I'm witnessing something and it's getting harder and harder for me to date. Maybe it's in my head, maybe this is really happening, I don't know at this point so bear with me, please. Now, I know what you're thinking in case you clicked on this and you started reading. You probably think I'm just another angry straight guy who has a vendetta against people that's part of the LGBT community but I'm not. I'm not angry at all.

Peep game, I'm 25 and I've been out of the dating game for almost five years of my life because a gal that I liked who was bisexual led me on and duped me for another gal. I'm not going to lie, it made me not want to date another bisexual woman at all anymore but it's okay now, I can see myself dating a bisexual woman again but ABSOLUTELY NO THREESOMES for me. Threesomes sound like too much work and I'm always going to wonder if she'll just dump me like how Ross' ex-wife did to him in "Friends". Not only do I worry about that, I'm always trying to see how many straight gals are left because it's like every other place I'm at, I see a beautiful woman that I might want to spend some time with or even date but maybe she'll be gay or bisexual or whatever she likes, there's so much shit that I always think of that keeps me from trying. I even wonder about certain actresses that I crush on, too. A few years ago, I was crushing all over Cara Delevingne ("Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets", "Suicide Squad") and when I found out that she was bisexual, I just had this huge question mark over my head because I was wondering if I'd date her. I was still reeling from that experience I had from Sofia (the bisexual woman I mentioned earlier) but over time, I ended up seeing that Cara wasn't bi anymore so I just veered away from her but I still think she's really pretty.

Another thing that I've been worried about or better yet, that bugs me is that I get made fun of or I get funny looks from people because I'm straight. I can handle it when they joke about stereotypes that straight people do but if someone just takes a jab at me about my sexuality and tries to pass it off as a joke, I'll say something but wait.... here's the catch..... I can't say anything because I'm straight so I'm not allowed to say anything but I say fuck that. If I say that I like women or even show that, I'm shoving my sexuality down their throats.

It just feels like no matter what I do or what I see, I can't just be me and admire a woman's beauty anymore, you know? Now, you can say I'm being a dick at this point and I honestly don't care. I'm not going to give all of the encouragement to people of the LGBT community if it means that I have to get put down and kicked in the process. Why do I have to build other people up but I have to get torn down just because I don't like the same things that they like? I don't know about whoever is reading this but shit doesn't work that way. I don't see a problem with just building each other up. Granted, we straight people do tend to get out of hand with how we admire the opposite sex's beauty and I'm not denying it because even I have gotten out of hand with it. Hell, I'm sure even people of the LGBT community have gotten out of hand admiring the same sex, opposite sex, or whatever.

Anyways, my point is that even though I think everyone is part of the community these days, there are still people out there that are still straight and they're not homophobic or anything like that and all they want to do is just be themselves while they like what they want to like with no judgment or anything.

Don Anderson II
Don Anderson II
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