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Enjoy a Non-Traditional Valentines Day

And Avoid the Token Table for Two

By DeeDeePublished about a year ago 3 min read
Enjoy a Non-Traditional Valentines Day
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Whether you love Valentines Day or hate it, you can still celebrate without booking a table in a fancy restaurant.

If you’re partnered up, then spending time reconnecting with your lover is what Valentines Day is all about. The day doesn’t have to be all about expensive gestures, despite what society tells you.

Here are some ideas that won’t break the bank.

Catch The Sunrise

There’s nothing more romantic than watching the beginning of a new day. Find the perfect destination to enjoy the sunrise, wear your warmest clothes and snuggle up with your partner (or furry friend) and enjoy watching a new day begin.

Once the sun is up, find a nearby cafe and grab a coffee to go or sit down for an early breakfast before the rush.

Picnic For Two

There’s no need to spend your hard-earned cash on an overpriced meal in a fancy restaurant. Grab a basket and picnic rug. Fill up your basket with some tasty snacks and head out to your local park, beach or gardens.

Spread out your picnic blanket, lay down, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the serenity.

Touring Adventure

Love the outdoors? Grab your bicycle and head out for a leisurely bike ride. Head off the beaten track and explore further afield with your lover.

Cycling isn’t your thing? Take your car out for a day trip. Find a destination you haven’t visited and enjoy a road trip. Even just a leisurely drive amongst new scenery can be romantic and inspiring.

Catch The Sunset

Closeout your day by catching the sunset. Find a secluded spot, cuddle up and unwind amongst the twilight on your perfect Valentines Day. Take the time to give thanks for your ideal day.

By Daniele Colucci on Unsplash

Not Partnered Up?

Being single on Valentines Day might seem like the worst thing in the world. Maybe you can sense that everyone feels sorry for you, or that you're unworthy.

If you’re single, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the day. Instead, make Valentines Day all about you. It's your chance to enjoy it without spending the big bucks.

Here are some ideas for you to celebrate being single!

Pamper Session

Instead of spending big bucks at a spa, create your own spa ritual. Run a nice hot bath. Add some bubbles so that you will feel the sense of luxury a spa will have.

Buy yourself a nice bottle of champagne or wine. It's time to treat yourself. Be sure to put it in the fridge to chill beforehand.

Apply a relaxing face mask. Place out your fluffy robe and your softest towels.

Light some candles and switch off the overhead lights. Sink into your luxurious bath and savour the serenity.

A Night In With Friends

Do you have friends who are also single? Why not gather them all together for a fun night in?

Ask them over to your place. Have each friend bring a dish or a bottle of something special.

Treat each other to facials or foot massages. Play some board games or make it a movie marathon night. Or simply sit and gossip. Whatever you choose to do, have some fun with it!

A Night Out With Friends

Your single friends might prefer to enjoy a night out. Invite your pals to your place and prepare for your night out as a group. Treat one another with hair and makeup. Ask them to bring their finest clothes and swap outfits for the night.

Instead of the usual dinner and drinks out, why not book into a fun class. There are so many out there to choose from. Try pottery, painting, or a cooking class.

Remember, it's all about having fun. So, dispense with the formalities and make your night (or day) relaxing and enjoyable.

By Elevate on Unsplash

You don't need to wait for Valentines Day to treat yourself. As a singleton, this is something you can do every day. You have permission to do whatever makes you happy!


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