ENFP Personality Type and 10 Things Most People Love About Them

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Spotlight on the ENFP Personality Type

ENFP Personality Type and 10 Things Most People Love About Them

1. They are full of inspiration.

Need inspiration? Spend some time around an ENFP. If you study the ENFP personality type you will discover that they possess more charisma than most other personality types. This personality type may inspire through spoken words and speeches, through written poetry, or through music. ENFP’s truly want other people to thrive in life and they will encourage others to be the best them.

2. They are highly creative.

We all have those friends who are extremely creative, but a little out there. Well, there is a chance that your creative friend is the ENFP personality type. ENFP’s are, by far, one of the most creative personality types in the general population. They tend to dress in kind of a quirky fashion, very eclectic in nature. They have a tendency to mix and match various types of clothing in order to make their own interesting outfits. Most of the time they are trendsetters by default, unless of course they are very insecure about themselves. If they are mostly insecure, then this may cause them to wear clothes that are more commonplace.

3. They are fun to be around in general.

Most ENFP’s are very jovial and will be very enjoyable to be around. Many times you will even see them as being the life of the party. Although, what is fascinating about this type, is that they can go from being very outgoing and crazy to suddenly reserved and introspective after a while. They are extroverted; however, they reach a point where they can only handle so much before they need time to be alone to just listen to music or do something creative. After they have recharged, then they will be ready to join the party again with much more energy.

4. They are laid back, yet spontaneous.

Many people find this specific personality type to be very relaxing to be around because they typically do not have an agenda or a strict schedule in mind. They are spontaneous and will prefer to go with the flow most of the time.

5. They are emotionally in-tune.

ENFP’s are very in tune with the emotions which radiate from other people and they strive to keep the peace as much as they possibly can. Most people can appreciate ENFP’s because they just naturally understand the emotions of others in the room.

6. They are usually non judgmental.

No one likes to be judged harshly. Well, the ENFP is not going to quickly judge you most of the time unless, of course, they are going through a season of depression, or if they are very stressed out. Most of the time they are likely to be open-minded in their thinking of your specific situation or given lifestyle choices.

7. They can be very good listeners.

Many ENFP’s will find themselves actually working in the counseling profession, which makes sense, because they are so great at listening to other people. A lot of times ENFP’s will listen to other people for great lengths of time even if they are not that interested. They will keep listening to people simply because they do not want to hurt the other person’s feelings. As they listen, they will take everything with a grain of salt and gently guide their friends with their responses.

8. They are inquisitive.

ENFP’s have a large thirst to learn new things that are full of meaning. They have a natural curiosity about people in general and will ask lots of questions when they are first getting to know someone. They also are quick to compliment other people, which everyone will appreciate.

9. They make interesting conversationalists.

Some people may be annoyed by the ENFP’s tendency to ramble or jump from topic to topic, but most people will probably find it quite endearing. They have a lot going on in their brains so they may seem random in their thinking, but it is simply because they just get hyper and excited by all their new ideas or theories.

10. They are talented!

ENFP’s are very likely to make gifted musicians, artists, writers, actors, or dancers. People enjoy having ENFP’s as friends because they are not only talented, but are natural-born entertainers. Everyone loves laughter and being entertained so the ENFP often has a great audience to perform for.

Rowan Finley
Rowan Finley
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