ENFJ Women Are Incredible!

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Here's Six Reasons Why:

ENFJ Women Are Incredible!

If you have studied the MBTI personality types, then you will soon find that ENFJ (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) women are refreshing and enjoyable to be around. They have a fascinating ability to “fit in” with a crowd, however they don’t usually feel like they fit in to most crowds. I believe that ENFJ women are incredible for many reasons. Here is why:

1. They are givers.

ENFJ women love to give people gifts, birthday presents, and cards. Not only do they love giving gifts, but they will go above and beyond to give their time, talent, money, and advice if they see that there is a need for it. This personality type will sacrifice, sometimes until they have nothing left for themselves, but they typically have such pure hearts and always mean well. ENFJ women so intensely want others to feel loved and be the best versions of themselves.

2. They are always seeking deeper meaning in life.

ENFJ women are never afraid to think about and ask others the hard questions of life. In fact, sometimes other personality types get uncomfortable with ENFJ’s constant questions because they may prefer to keep conversations more surface-level as opposed to deep. ENFJ’s get really bored with small talk and they won’t enjoy being in groups of people if this is all that the conversations are focused on. They are natural born soul searchers and are always trying to figure out why people act they way they do. ENFJ women will be drawn to symbolic stories, spiritual growth, and working toward changing the world in order to help make it a better place.

3. They are amazingly compassionate.

It never ceases to amaze how full of compassion ENFJ’s are. They have a surreal gift when it comes to having the ability to suffer with or empathize with hurting people or animals. I would venture to say that most people with the ENFJ personality type are "empaths". I think this would explain why many ENFJ personality types find themselves drawn to the helping professions such as counseling, various types of ministries, non-profit organization work, and teaching.

4. They tend to see the best qualities in others.

ENFJ’s are quite to spot other people’s strengths and they will commonly point these out through compliments. ENFJ’s usually do not like attention on themselves and will sometimes use compliments for other people to divert any attention that they may be receiving. I think that ENFJ’s naturally tend to admire everyone around them. Don’t get me wrong, I think that there are certain personalities that ENFJ’s do not get along well with, however even people that ENFJ’s do not like, they still see the strengthens of their so-called enemies.

5. They are creative.

ENFJ’s love to create, whether it is composing music, writing fiction, coming up with poetry, taking pictures, painting, or sculping they enjoy making things. After they make things or come up with new ideas, they are usually very excited to share their work with their friends and family. They will commonly create projects with the specific intention of giving it to someone else as a gift.

6. They love acting.

ENFJ’s enjoy drama. It is because they tend to have dramatic minds already so if given the opportunity to act on a stage, they will most likely size the opportunity. ENFJ’s are intrigued by the idea of pretending to be someone else. I think that subconsciously they feel like in the real world they act like someone else already so acting on a stage gives a unique license to do even more of this. A unique characteristic about ENFJ’s is that they always seem to hold back part of their personality until they really trust you. It may take years to really earn all of their trust and then once you do, you will slowly begin to see more of their quirks and the goofier side of who they are deep down inside.

Rowan Finley
Rowan Finley
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