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Emotional Neglect In Marriage (My Husband Neglects Me Emotionally)

Are you looking for advice about marriage because you're experiencing emotional neglect in marriage right now? I'm truly sorry about that and know what you're going through! So you're thinking to yourself my husband neglects me emotionally. Let me just emphasize my empathy by saying that I've been through it all. Here's exactly what I did...

By Mark JanePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

It can be a painful time, as you watch your husband's growing disinterest, as you wonder what could have caused the change in your husband and what you can do to get back the love and the man you seem to be losing. When your husband becomes emotionally distant, here are the best ways to approach him and get him to open up again. You can still save your marriage and your relationship with him.

o It may be a good idea to show a little less, if any, emotions if your husband becomes emotionally distant and you want him to show more emotion or let you in. Try not to pity yourself or your situation just yet, as it may have nothing to do with you. Often, external issues cause us to lash out on the ones closest to us. If he feels like you're against him, too, he may never open up or he may become more withdrawn.

o Find ways to put him first if you have been neglectful in this area. When your husband is emotionally distant, try to relieve any stress he may have, draw him a hot bath and leave him be. Now may not be the time to rush right in with an expectation of his opening up to you as you would with your girlfriends. Sometimes, a man just needs to know that you will love and care for them and can remain emotionally stable even when they are feeling a little less than stable. Just giving him the time and space, while remaining present and loving, can be the balm to getting him to trust you with his innermost feelings.

o When you're afraid that this could be the beginning of the end, just keep in mind that all relationships go through this phase. There is always that period in the middle where each partner becomes more human, there's always a chance that little annoyances have become big problems and there's always disillusionment. If you can stick it out, if you can look at things you may have let slide in your behavior, attitude or appearance and work toward restoring them. If you can remain in love even when your husband seems unlovable or is acting unloving and is emotionally distant, you will move past the stage where most people divorce and will have a more stable and loving relationship than could ever have been thought possible.

6 Marriage Myths Revealed

People sometimes go around believing in the notion that marriage is something very much like ideas presented by the media - television, films, love songs, and romance novels. Unfortunately, they are living in a make-believe world that only exists in fairy tales and is far from the truth of what marriage really is and how it should be. Notice that the families usually featured in old TV sitcoms are not usually faced by problems that real-life families come across. It is only recently that television has tackled problems like infidelity, drinking problems, unemployment, divorce, and physical abuse. There is a whole range of marriage and family problems that cannot exactly be made to fit on the TV screen and solved in one episode.

It goes without saying that marriage could be something wonderful shared by a romantic couple. For marriage to work, adults need to be responsible, mature, giving, and respectful. It would also help to know about marriage myths and eliminate these beliefs.

Myth #1 - Marriage is the answer to loneliness. It is a fact that many married adults still feel lonely. It could be because their partners are too busy and rarely spend quality time with their partners as the years go by. It could also be because the couple was not emotionally prepared when they got married.

Myth #2 - "You complete me." This is the ever famous line uttered by Tom Cruise in the movie, "Jerry Maguire." As a result, hopeless romantics are now out to search for the person whom they think they can't live without. Truth is, married couples should complement each other, not complete each other.

Myth #3 - Marriage is for everyone. Not everyone dreams of walking down the aisle as a bride all in white. This does not mean that people like them are not capable of being happy. There are actually several single people who are happy and contented with their lives.

Myth #4 - Romance keeps the marriage alive. Every relationship is unique and no two cases are the same. When couples start paying the mortgage, the rent, and the bills, the passion and the romance may sometimes take a backseat. Marriage and loving your spouse is a decision, no matter what they say. Couples who get divorced made a decision to stop loving.

Myth #5 - People get happier after marriage. Happily married couples are those who do not believe in this myth. Adults, before getting married, should be capable of being happy while still single. Happiness roots from contentment and love for oneself. Marriage should double a person's happiness, not be the source of it. Do not let your spouse be your one source of happiness. At the same time, it is unhealthy to expect your spouse's world to revolve around you.

Myth #6 - True love conquers all. Commitment, dedication, and effort are needed with love to face daily challenges in marriage. It is a two-way street. Both parties decided to take on the commitment of living together and starting a family. Both of them should help each other take the necessary steps to make the marriage work.

Everyone experiences problems in marriage. Couples should not think that conflict and arguments signify the lack of love on the part of their spouse. A successful marriage takes work. Proper communication, tolerance, and support are also important.

Do you want to reawaken a committed and loving relationship in your marriage? There are proven steps that are amazingly powerful that will help you overcome conflicts and breathe life back into your marriage. This is a plan you do not want to pass by. Click here to see the proven steps on how to save your marriage.

Divorce does not have to be your only option. Even if it feels as though your relationship can't be saved because of the ongoing conflicts between you and your spouse, it can be. There are techniques that you can begin using today that will not only stop a divorce, but will help also you build a stronger and more loving marriage. To learn more visit: Steps to Save Your Marriage


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