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Realm of Souls


My body feels weightless, as if I’m floating through the air. I try opening my eyes, but they’re so heavy I only manage a small peak. Everything is foggy. I catch a glimpse of light above me, as I’m falling down. I continue downward, falling in this grey and blue-sh atmosphere. Just me, with the light above, shining over me. As I steady downward, I start spiraling. All of sudden, bright bubbles come out of me. I continue heading downward, more quickly now, the light becoming dimmer behind me.

Suddenly, I’m on the beach. The sun shining so brightly in the sky, it nearly blinds me. The ocean’s calm waves washes over the sand like a blanket. Staring into the open waters, I spot my good friend, Ray. His back is turned towards me; only seeing his dark black hair moving with the wind and his baggy blue pants knee deep in the water. He stands there, unaware of my presence. Just as I’m about to walk towards him, I notice the waves from the shore starting to draw back. The ocean begins to pull back, creating a huge wave in front of Ray. He turns around, faces me and smiles gently as he stretches out his hand, telling me to come to him. Completely oblivious to the giant tsunami behind him, I dart straight for him. But, before I’m able to get to him, the giant wave crashes over us. I’m tumbling around like a log underwater. Ray appears right in front of me, floating with his hand still outstretched. Grinding my teeth, I try to gain all my strength I can to overcome the massive weight of water surrounding me. Little did I know that no matter how many times I was pushing the water back, I couldn’t reach him. The water’s current was pulling me back, getting stronger and stronger, preventing me from reaching my friend’s hand. I could no longer fight it. I drifted away.

My body gives a slight jolt, lying in restless. Feeling the smooth bed sheets from my mattress, I let out a heavy sigh. Batting my eyes, I rub them gently, taking away the sleepiness from them. Once opening my eyes, the first thing I see is the dried-up wall paint on the ceiling from my small room. Turning my head to the right, I start familiarizing myself with everything here: the blue shady carpet floor, the wooden desktop standing against the wall along with the wooden chair, behind my bed-rest; a big stack of wooden carvings against a large drawer, a few toys and clothes lying across the floor, and the little wooden boat hanging on the ceiling with some handmade dolls perched inside it. After looking around, I finally accept that I’m in my room. These dreams, they’re becoming so real. I look over my left, the large window right next to me. Lifting my upper body up, I observe the sun, lighting up the clear blue skies and its reflection dazzling on the ocean surface.

I drag myself out of bed, patting and rubbing my face to keep me up. As I slowly walk towards the furniture, I rummage through the messy clothes inside my wooden drawer, taking out the first thing I grab; a white T-shirt and red shorts. From my chair, I grab my purple sweater vest, putting it over me and from under my bed, my favorite yellow sneakers. Once heading down stairs, I can already smell the sweet scented sausages, the sunny-side up eggs and freshly cooked black beans.

“Morning Maya,” my mom calls out from the small kitchen, placing a hot plate over the table counter.

“Morning mom.” Just smelling my mom’s cooking gave me enough energy to jump right into my seat and immediately dig in, piercing the crispy sausage with my metal fork and taking a large bite of it.

“Hey kiddo, did you get enough sleep?” my dad asks, patting his large hand over my shoulders, while taking a sip from his morning coffee.

“Mm, sorta.” I chew the very last bits of sausage in my mouth. “I had a really weird dream.”

“Really? What was it about?”

“I don’t know. I was underwater, I think, and then I’m on the beach. Ray's there. There was this giant wave, I tried to save him but, the wave came down on us.”

“Huh, that doesn’t seem weird.” My Mom leans over the counter, listening into the conversation, putting her face almost close to mine.

“Mom, do you think...it means anything? Karina says that dreams are kinda like messages.”

She straightens up, putting her hand close to her lips. “Hmm, maybe. Maybe what your dream meant, was that you had to help your friend out.” She comes over to the side, gently rubbing my short wrangling brown hair. “But, I don’t think it’s from a wave or anything dangerous. What do you think?”

I look at her intently, thinking what she’s saying. “I think so, too.” We both smiled.

Once I finished my meal, I started heading towards the door.

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