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Dr. Michael Sawaf: Crafting Smiles Across Ages

Dr. Michael Sawaf Explores Dental Aesthetics in Adolescents and Adults

By Dr Michael SawafPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
Dr. Michael Sawaf: Crafting Smiles Across Ages
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When we talk about dental aesthetics for adults and adolescents, the objective is clear: to improve people's smiles and, however, dental aesthetic treatments are not limited to physical appearance.

As Dr. Michael Sawaf, a prominent figure in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in Brentwood, TN, explains, dental aesthetics encompasses a whole series of independent treatments, although complementary to each other, whose final objective is to improve, above all, the smile, but also the health of our mouth.

Importance of dental aesthetics

When a professional focuses on a complete dental aesthetic treatment, they often face underlying problems that are reducing the quality of life of that person.

Dr. Michael Sawaf shares that for this reason, dental aesthetics contemplates global treatments in which health is the fundamental pillar, without losing a final perspective of beautification.

In fact, before undertaking any aesthetic dental treatment, it will be essential to solve problems with cavities, periodontal diseases or gingivitis.

Differences between dental aesthetic treatments in adults and adolescents


It is true that some treatments are more typical of certain stages of life than others. In the case of adults, as Dr. Michael Sawaf shares, the most popular dental aesthetic treatments involve, of course, dental hygiene, surgeries and implants, although veneers and whitening are also usually in high demand.

Regarding orthodontics, you will be surprised to know that, currently, more than 50% of adults acknowledge that they are or have been in orthodontic treatment, something to which the appearance of invisible orthodontics has greatly contributed.


Adolescents are subject to major bodily changes and this makes them somewhat unstable and anxious in the face of prolonged treatments. Therefore, it is necessary to provide them with detailed and truthful information that helps strengthen the professional/patient bond.

The most common treatment at this stage of life, without a doubt, is orthodontics, truly being the most favorable time to undertake a process that will last over time, but will lay the foundations for a beautiful and healthy mouth.

Dental aesthetic treatments

Dr. Michael Sawaf offers a wide field of treatments. From the fastest and lightest ones such as whitening, gingivectomies or reconstructions, to others that require a longer development such as implants and, of course, orthodontics.


Orthodontics is the dental aesthetic treatment that specializes in the prevention and correction of irregularities in the teeth. Any of the current orthodontic systems is based on a device that will exert pressure on the teeth.

It is a fairly slow treatment that generally takes one to two years, depending on the person and the problem being treated. However, its role is fundamental in any overall dental aesthetic plan.

Types of orthodontics:

Orthodontics with metal braces: a fantastic option to treat all types of malocclusions, which continues to be the most common choice (40% of cases), especially in children and adolescents.

Orthodontics with ceramic or sapphire crystal brackets: the main advantage is the aesthetics of these materials, although they tend to be more expensive treatments, which can take a little longer or be indicated only for some specific profiles.

Invisible orthodontics with removable aligners: they are individualized treatments, digitally planned and completely custom-made. Among them, Invisalign is the most advanced technique with the longest history, and guarantees great precision, speed and effectiveness. It is worth highlighting the comfort of this type of treatment (the aligners can be removed for eating and dental hygiene), the easy adaptation and, of course, the aesthetics (the material is completely transparent!).

Lingual orthodontics: these metal brackets are installed on the lingual side of the teeth, which is more irregular, making their placement more complex. It is one of the most aesthetic, effective and advanced options. It has become the aesthetic alternative to conventional orthodontics since it allows the vast majority of cases to be treated without the effects being appreciated.


Often used as an aesthetic finishing touch to orthodontic treatment, Dr. Michael Sawaf explains that ceramic veneers allow you to correct teeth that are separated, crowded, broken, small, or have changes in color, are pigmented or stained.

Teeth whitening

As with veneers, whitening offers results quickly, which is why they are highly sought after treatments in dental aesthetic clinics.

It is a technique based on a chemical process that makes it possible to lighten the pigmentations on the surface of the enamel, produced by the passage of time, tobacco consumption, etc. We can differentiate two types of teeth whitening: that which is carried out in a clinic with a laser, and that which is carried out on an outpatient basis with splints at home.


Gingivectomy is a surgical process that involves trimming excess gum for aesthetic reasons or as part of periodontitis treatment.

It is a quick and painless intervention that offers powerful aesthetic results (as can be seen in the images), often used as the finishing touch to a global dental aesthetic treatment.

Dental reconstructions

Detail reconstructions are a great solution when some teeth, such as the lateral incisors, are smaller than they should be or have a conoid morphology, which makes them small and unattractive.

Given the malocclusion problems that are usually added, this type of case is usually solved with orthodontics and a subsequent precision aesthetic reconstruction. The result is very complete and satisfactory.

Who are these dental aesthetic treatments aimed at?

More and more people are seeking to improve the aesthetics of their smile and dental aesthetics is no longer a luxury reserved for celebrities and artists.

To achieve the objectives, the experienced Dr. Michael Sawaf indicates that these treatments must be personalized and based on a facial analysis that allows the study of features, measurements, positions, shapes and sizes to design a unique smile, the one that should always be there.


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