Don’t Kill Your Boyfriend. This Is How to Deal With Him If He Is Cheating on You.

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This is what you do...

Don’t Kill Your Boyfriend. This Is How to Deal With Him If He Is Cheating on You.

For today’s storytime, I have to share with you the real life story that a friend told to me. I remembered this story and just how crazy it was, and so I had to call my friend Funbi to recount the story for me so I can share it with you. Without wasting anytime, let me jump right into the story because it’s such a good one!

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Agnes and Aaron

A friend of mine told me this story and it is so wild.

So her sister’s friend, let me provide names so this story is easy to follow – we'll call her sister’s friend Agnes. Agnes had been dating her boyfriend Aaron for over 2 years. Agnes worked at a telecommunications company and was doing well for herself. Aaron was self-employed. A coder who designed websites.

Throughout their time dating, there was this girl named Titi who was always around. Aaron said Titi was his cousin and they were like "brother and sister" because they grew up together. Throughout the relationship, Titi was around. Because Aaron worked from home, sometimes as Agnes was going out to work in the morning, Titi would be coming in to see Aaron. They shared inside jokes, they went out, watched movies together, etc. They were really close cousins.

One day, Agnes received a call from a friend saying that she, the friend, had seen Aaron and Titi out in the cinema. She sat 2 rows behind them and told Agnes that the two were not only laughing and touching body, but also kissed several times throughout the movie. She called to warn Agnes that Aaron and Titi may have been having some kind of incestuous relationship going on. Agnes didn’t want to believe it but the accusation planted a seed of doubt in her head.

When Agnes told my friend’s sister, Bukky, about what she’d been told, Bukky told Agnes to set a trap. The trap was simple.

Agnes invited Titi and some other friends for a get-together to celebrate a promotion at work. The only thing was that Agnes had not really been promoted, and she wasn’t inviting anybody to this get-together but Titi.

So when Titi showed up excitedly to party, nobody else was there. After a few minutes, Agnes told Titi and Aaron that she would step out for a few minutes, and that they should relax and get comfortable. She told them she didn’t think anybody else was coming to the party so she would go out for a few minutes to buy some things for the house.

(Now, this next part might be confusing to explain so I’ve gone ahead to draw a floor plan of the apartment so you can easily visualize it. You’re welcome.)

Agnes left from the front door, but before she left, she took the keys to the backdoor which she never uses. She drove her car outside the compound, parked it not too far off, and then walked back to the apartment. She quietly opened the backdoor, pressed her ear against the kitchen door, and listened to the conversation going on in the living room.

She heard Aaron and Titi laughing. Cracking jokes that cousins should never crack with each other. Saying things that were very sexual and inappropriate. They didn't take any action because they kept on saying Agnes could be back any second.

Now, this next bit is the bit of the story that I really like. How did Agnes respond?

Agnes went back out through the back door, brought her car back inside, entered the house, and acted like nothing happened. That weekend, she insisted that Aaron help her run an errand to force him out of the house. During that time, she called the security and together with her, they packed all of Aaron’s things and threw it out of the apartment. No shouting, no listening to any stories, just packed his things and sent him on his way. You see, Agnes was the breadwinner of the relationship and had been allowing Aaron stay in her place because he said he couldn't afford anywhere in the city because Abuja was too expensive.

When he came back to the apartment, he wasn’t even allowed to enter the gate. No matter how much he screamed and called Agnes' phone, she didn’t pick.

The relationship ended that day and although Aaron has tried many times to apologize and get Agnes out to talk somewhere private, she has denied every invitation and is now talking to another man. But isn’t this such a crazy story? 2 years and the girl he was cheating with was always casually there in her own house under her own roof pretending to be a cousin. Who can you really trust these days?


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Jide Okonjo
Jide Okonjo
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