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Does Adore Exist At The Beginning Of Sight?

Does Adore Exist At The Beginning Of Sight?

By EfulPublished 11 months ago 7 min read
Does Adore Exist At The Beginning Of Sight?
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You walk down the hallway together, absorbed in your own incredible world. You don't see the dude approaching from the other side. As he walks past you, his backpack strap gets stuck in your file. Immediately it slips out of your hand and falls to the floor. Papers fly out and scatter across the floor.

"Ouch! Sorry,” the man offers, crouching down to get the papers.

“It’s okay,” you say, giggling and also squatting, “it happens every time…”

When you take the papers, you suddenly raise your heads and check each other's faces. Immediately your eyes are locked in the gaze. Your heart melts when you look into his dark eyes, and for a moment or two, almost everything around you disappears.

Eventually, after a lot of effort, you will get to your toes. The boy shows you your file again.

“Um, here you are…” he states a little timidly, continuing to look into your eyes.

“Thanks…” you say, embarrassed.

Shortly after a moment's hesitation, the boy declares, "I'm Trevor."

He holds out his hand.

"I'm Jane," you say, grabbing his mighty hand.

The moment you shake hands, the whole world seems to be approaching your booth nonetheless. Dazzled by this extraordinary face, you are both speechless and just giggle at almost every other.

“Uh… See you,” you finally say, pulling your hand out of his.

“Yes,” he says, relatively reluctantly.

As you walk away, you turn your head to catch a glimpse of him in the past - only to find him looking back at you! You quickly look away with a smile on his face, and as you disappear into the corner, you realize that you will see Trevor again...

It was a typical example of love at first sight. Now the question is: does this really happen or could it just be something that exists in the intellect? Isn't it just a short-lived hobby?

Many argue that the pleasure of starting with vision is undeniable. They seem to indicate that each of us is destined to meet that special person who continues to organize for us from the moment you start our lives, who in a meeting, strict and all-consuming emotions will choose us, giving irrefutable evidence that this is our one and only sincere adoration.

On the other hand, there are those who claim that love at first sight will not happen. They argue that such meetings are a hobby and will in no way go beyond that.

By Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Of course, there are many arguments for both sides. But the facts are that some first encounters do inspire sympathy and eventually relationships… And, curiously, these people seem to intuitively know that they are “right” for everyone else. These encounters happen often enough to evoke curiosity and questions: Are some people meant for everyone else? How can they understand, intuitively, in this transitional moment, that they are suitable for each other?

First of all, let's check to understand the biology and chemistry, which will help to almost appreciate, whether at the beginning of watching or only after a long period.

Guy and woman are made for each other. Whether you believe in the Genesis story or not, it is true that man and woman are made for each other; complement each other; live and act step by step as partners - and a little more than that.

In order for you to procreate and therefore fill the earth, or as the scientists would say, in order for you to ensure the continuity and survival of the species, there are strong forces of attraction towards men and women. Driven by powerful chemicals inside our body called hormones, we have become almost at the mercy of these interesting forces.

Now, what is legal on earth is the fact that we are not sexually attracted to just anyone. Many people report a chemistry of love in which they assert, really dogmatically, that in order for even one of them to slide in adoration with someone else, there must be some kind of chemistry between them - this organic propensity for attachment to to another person that you are experiencing. seldom known, just as some real physical things have a significant resemblance to each other.

Since all of this may be correct, let me suggest something else. We humans are complex creatures and many of us have different tastes. For example, I might love cheese very much, but you can despise it using revenge. Thus, it remains true that we are usually picky about our romantic relationships. We each have our own personal tastes. Deep down inside we have this photograph of our "real" lovers - how they should be, their height, their character; everything is ready. As we expand, we continue to make adjustments to this photo, improving it as we see fit. Having reached the age when we all grew up, we already know very well what we want.

Here is my anatomy of so-called love at first sight: in that brief moment when your eyes fixate on that look, you see in this person everything you ever thought was perfect. Inside you can scream:

"He's definitely alone! He's a person!"

At this moment, you start to think: “This, of course, I adore the spectacle at the beginning!”

But the reality is the fact that you simply see this person as everything you have ever looked for. The hormones are now burning and you also think that this is a strong attraction.

In short, my dear close friend, this is really not the future: it is just the realization of your respective dreams.

So, is there a pleasure in seeing in the beginning?

Here is my answer, and it is by no means a dogmatic statement: no.

What exists from the very beginning is the sex drive.

I don't even know why the fuck they call it very similar. In any case, we are likely to use the word loosely these days. True love can be an essential feeling of treatment, care and affection for someone that arises from understanding the inner state of a person. The final difference between infatuation and adoration is, of course, the undeniable fact that adoration tends to study a person's character before it manifests itself. In other words, after you have fallen in love, you begin to understand the person, his strengths and weaknesses, the predominant character, and you still like him.

My argument is basically this: the whole process of immersion in enjoyment lasts longer than one. Sexual attraction, or, to be more precise, bodily attraction, is where the whole system begins.

So let's go back to the scene we started with at the very beginning. You and Trevor are definitely not in love yet; you will just be drawn to each other. What is generally very likely is that Trevor, having received a more assertive intercourse, will immediately run after you and ask you out on a date. And while you are clinging, you must be aware of its superiority; and only one of two things will happen: either you will tumble with him for real, or you will realize that he is not the one you need, and tumble with him out of yourself, so to speak.

However, the sequence is usually not direct. Often times, you might start hanging out with someone you most certainly don't have an attraction to—sexually or otherwise. As you continue to see each other, you eventually realize that there is more to the person than you initially thought. They are typical, soft, caring and wonderful. Ah, that's when your hormones kick in and soon enough you'll think it's an effective attraction. If at the moment you have no intention of going further - by that I mean marrying a person - it is better to go away again. These all-consuming feelings can take you down a path you never planned, so never underestimate them!

So my summary, my dear close friend, is this: there will be no love in the beginning. But with time and perseverance, you might turn this first time into a love marriage of a lifetime...

And... don't worry; you are not destined to marry a particular prince charming in a particular, distant country. You are destined to decide who you will marry!


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