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Do not wait until life is difficult for you, only to regret the past too comfortable

We should all reflect on what "living in the moment" really means

By Many A-SunPublished 3 months ago 6 min read


Nowadays, there's a phrase that makes a particularly high profile: live in the moment.

You will find that the younger you are, the more people like to say this phrase. Every time I tell my younger siblings to think more about the future, they will use this phrase to refute me: "Sister, are you tired of living?"

To be honest, I'm not tired at all. When I think of leaving my fate in the hands of the unknown future, I'd rather put more thought into it now.

In the past, I also do not like to plan, life is very spontaneous, always feel that I am still young, why should we think about the future? People say that you don't know which fool you will bump into around the corner, and you don't know if death will come before tomorrow. So I believed in it and lived a moonlight life, eating, drinking, and playing, always not having enough money to spend, but I also thought it was no big deal.

Let me completely change this concept to a male classmate. He is the same as me, the family is not rich, but also grew up eating and drinking without worry. There is a job, go to work to earn money, after work to have fun, work two or three years are not much savings. However, the friends around him are so over, he did not think much of it. One day, there was an accident in his family.

It was a very ordinary day at work, he suddenly received a phone call from the hospital, his mother had been in a car accident and was sent to the rescue room. At that time, his father was out of town on business, and he rushed to the hospital in a panic. Luckily, his mom was fine. However, a problem arose when the doctor asked him to pay the hospital deposit. He pulled out all his bank cards and found that he couldn't even come up with $10,000. At that moment, he was devastated.

He was a foreigner, and all his relatives at home were in his hometown, except for his mom and dad. Dad was not at home, mom was not awake, and he did not even know where to put the family passbook and bank cards, so he called me anxiously and asked if I knew anyone who could help.

I hurriedly took 10,000 yuan from my mother and sent it to him. After paying the deposit, he squatted in the hallway crying in pain, I can never forget this life. At that moment, I was suddenly very afraid, not that the accident will come at any time, but I simply cannot resist the accident. If I had been in his position that day, I would not have had that much money on my bank card ......


After that, both of us changed, no longer foolishly only thinking about eating and drinking every day, but began to learn to plan life and think a little more for the future.

He later told me that, in retrospect, life was good to him, with a small twist to wake him up, rather than waiting until it was too late.

For the future, people who think less have two mindsets: the first is frustration, feeling powerless to change the reality, so simply ignore it and live a day to day; the other is narcissism, feeling that they can cope with all the difficulties of life, there is no hurdle to overcome. Both of these mindsets are a curse. Blind pessimism and blind optimism are both indulgent in live.

Life is very fair, you let it, it will be in your difficult time to scatter. In the year of college graduation, many students suffered losses.

Think about it, how many times, you say to yourself, anyway, I do not need it now, and then learn when you need it is too late. However, later found that the opportunity to favor you when you are simply not qualified.


There's a saying: "When you're 15, you think swimming is hard, so you give up swimming, and when you meet someone you like and ask them to go swimming at 18, you have to say 'I don't know how to. I can't do it. The more troublesome and lazy you are in the early part of your life, the more likely you are to miss out on the people and things that move you and miss out on new scenery."

Sometimes, you always think that others are particularly lucky, only to find out later that it is just that others are working harder than you in advance. Those efforts that are worthless in your eyes are the gap between your eyes and others.

Life is a row against the current, even if you do not compare yourself with others, you can not give up and yourself.

I found that many times, the reason why people live a casual life is that they simply do not know what they want. So, for career, family, and even life, there is no planning, do not know how to actively make choices for themselves.

Many of my friends around me once told me that people are indeterminate by nature. You think something is interesting today, so you resolve to work hard, but tomorrow it may become more and more annoying. Since you can't find something you like, it's better to enjoy the moment.

However, those who do not actively make choices for themselves will be prioritized for elimination in this fast-moving world.

A reader once asked me why I was in my thirties, surrounded by a group of friends who could only eat, drink and play, while their college classmates have long been among the high-level of life circle.

My only answer is that you have never thought about what your future is like.


In the past, many people had a mid-life crisis in their forties, and now people in their thirties feel the same. Because it is the accumulation of those years of fledgling, pulling apart the segment between people. Some people are becoming more and more valuable, some people's road is narrower and narrower, and there is no plan for the future is a very important reason.

You have to have ideas and a bottom line to negotiate with life.

Although people can not predict everything, some things you can do better, and some words you can say are more appropriate, but just because they do not care and missed the opportunity to make life better.

I think, life is difficult for you, but all for the year their laziness to pay the bill.

Everyone's progress and development need to get out of their "comfort zone" and take the initiative to choose. In management, there is a "catfish effect". If you put the catfish in the survival environment of small fish but will activate the survival ability of small fish. Psychologists have told us countless times that the right amount of pressure is very helpful for human growth.

The state of life I appreciate most is to do the best you can and plan for the worst. Whether materially or spiritually, we must learn to lay a firm foundation so that we don't wait until the day a storm hits and find ourselves without support.

So, we should all reflect on what "living in the present" really means. I prefer to interpret it as living life to the fullest in every moment, not worrying about the future, and not dwelling on the past. But don't forget, you have to walk on a path you want to walk on and always keep the ability to move forward.

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