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Discrimination Within the Homeless Community

An article from a Humanitarian.

By Emily AurelienPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
Discrimination Within the Homeless Community
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It's so easy to be victimized by people if you let it happen. The world is full of all sorts of dangers, but when trying to get back on our feet establishments will make things harder on on us. Trying to better our lives sometimes doesn't matter, we all need to get out of that mentality. Sometimes things aren't supposed to come easy people are supposed to be road blocks to show us we can make it whatever it takes.

I have been living at a homeless shelter trying to get my life in order for the past five days, and in day three I received my bed finally. So I feel a lot safer for now.

I am writing an article about discrimination in the homeless community for those who are trying to get there life back in order. I am staying at Norma Herr Shelter for Women. This place is by far the worse place to life as far as sanity, germs, and disgusting.

I would attach pictures to this article but I think Vocal would have this flagged and I need my voice to be heard.

They take as many homeless women as possible even if they have no beds. Having us sleep on the floor at minimal we have two matts to sleep on. Everything is first come first serve. If you aren't, the first to get a matt you sleep on the cold as floor.

The upstairs hallway bathrooms/showers are have human waste that is never cleaned or flushed, red monster red napkins on the floor. The cleaning crew cleans half ass.

Where I slept at for I believe two days and I was always on edge. A woman in the back of me kept me out up at night. She was out of her mind talking to herself, giggling, and cussing.

If it doesn't have gravy in the food it is nothing. The food is so gross how can chicken be so tender and pink at the same time.

They don't have community outreach programs the staff have their favourites. They don't help you get out, they try to keep you there.

The women fight over the stupidest shit. Mind as well be on an episode of Jerry Springer in this place.

The only good thing about being here is seeing how things work. It inspired me to apply to CSU for the social work programme. I want to specialise in mental health and work in the same homeless shelter to get this women out. A lot don't know there options, some have adjusted to them living there. There is more to it then this, living that place isn't a life.

Now for the subject I am writing about I have been trying to look for a job so I can start earning money to safe up for low income apartment. Most places don't want to hire me because I am homeless.

I had to read the homeless rights for Cuyahoga County. Which I will attach right below.

If I didn't familiarize myself with the bill of rights for the homeless I wouldn't know Norma Herr is breaking so many laws. If there was proof they could be shut down.

It is tempting but I can't do that. Karma will handle these people. I think I have to branch out further for employment.

Trying to better your life should count for something, but not in this case people are just cruel.

Throughout this whole ordeal some of this is bullshit, because no one should have to life in filth. Some are unaware as well. Some just don't care.

The fights that breakout at the shelter is almost all delusional and unstable people picking on the weaker ones.

By thom masat on Unsplash

A staff member verbally abused me just because I wanted to use the dryer downstairs. Now I don't want to wash my clothes here, or shower. Because it's unsanitary for one thing and secondly just not right.

Discrimination for those who are trying to get themselves together shouldn't be taken lightly. I learned I must remember who I am people like this thrive to make others miserable.

Never give up.

Always remember who you are. These idiots are so wrong, and need to know it's never okay to treat anyone like this.

As for me, I will never forget those who treat me this way. But I will not act on vengeance I will hold my head high and remember worry about myself.

In conclusion, never adjust always make your life better. And don't let anyone stand in your way.


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Emily Aurelien

The Struggle is real. Just once would I like to win a writing Challenge.

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  • Emily Chan - Life and love sharing6 months ago

    Your story inspired me so much! Life is hard but we need to keep going!

  • Babs Iverson6 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this!!!

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