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Destiny of Love

by Sherry jackson 6 months ago in dating
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Always together

I saw the large brown ranch house waiting for me as I drove around the bend.

There was a group of Aspen trees behind it and I could see the old familiar path that led deeper into the forest behind them.

It was almost sundown when I arrived and I was exhausted from the train ride.

So after the delicious meal cooked by Bella, who was like family, who took care of the house, I immediately went into my bedroom to retire for the night.

When I closed my eyes I could still see his face.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

He was just a stranger I saw when I got off the train.

He was a Forest Ranger riding on his horse though town.

I didn’t pay too much attention until he turned around on his saddle just as the sun was sitting behind him and the sun beams turned his hair a golden hue, and when his hazel eyes met mine something came over me. He was the most handsome man I felt I had ever

He gave me a charming smile and I couldn’t help but return back a polite smile.

I couldn’t sleep even though I felt tired so I decided to go sat on the porch.

The air was warm and the full moon cast silvery tops on the surrounding trees. I could hear the noisy cicadas high pitches and

the occasional hoo of an owl.

My uncle who was an architect had designed and built it for his my aunt. It was a magnificent home.

I was surprised when they decided to retire in Europe and he gave it

He had even got me a job at the university in the research department.

I was overjoyed.

I use to come visit him every summer. We use to go exploring the woods and mountains. He would help me collect rocks and made sure I knew every type and name.

I always hated leaving and now I don’t have to ever leave

He would always say to my mom, Look at her- she loves it here -kids should grow up in the country where they can learn to appreciate nature.

I’m sure to this very day why I became a geologist.

Suddenly a yellow light came on at the ranger look perched on top the hill..

I wonder if he was there and if somehow he was thinking about me too.

I went back inside and laid down on my bed.. I could see the Ranger station from my window. Somehow it gave me comfort and before I knew it I was fast asleep.

The next day I drove my Jeep down town. When I got out of my jeep when I saw a group of kids and parents laughing and chatting as they were going into the town’s visitor center. He was standing and greeting them at the door.

. His eyes met mine and the everything disappeared except him. I was suddenly in a place where only he and I existed .

His eyes said more than words could ever do as I stood spell bound which seemed like an eternity.

A child dropped a ball and he picked it up and gave the ball back to him.

It brought me back to reality.

I went inside of the cafe for lunch.

It was warm with friendly folks talking and enjoying

I order the stew and corn bread.

It was delicious. To my surprise the Ranger appeared in the door way. He was tall and slim but not too slim and he took off his hat and sat down at the bar.

My heart skipped several beats.

He saw me and gave me a smile. I returned the smile.

He sat at the counter bar and every now and then he would turn and look at me. I didn’t mind . I could see in his eyes he liked what he saw.

On my way out I was about to pass him when he turned and asked me if I was my uncle’s niece. He welcomed me to the town adding that he had only been here a year from Texas and found it friendly and wholesome.

I politely thanked him and I know he could see in my eyes how pleased i was to meet him.

I decided to go hiking so I put on

My boots and got my back pack and assured Bella that I would be fine and took the first trail up the mountain.

It was beautiful! The trail led up so you could see the many different type of trees,spruce , Douglas for dancing in the wind as I gazed down the slope.

Then I stepped on a rock and my foot went sideways and a cry from the pain escaped from my mouth.

I hopped over to a large rock and took out my cell phone to call Bella.

There was no signal.

Then I heard the rumbling of thunder and a dull flash of lightening.

I loved storms for the way they made the trees swirl and sway but not now, with me here alone in the mountains.

The weather forecast for rain in late afternoon so I thought I would be back noon but looks like the storm had come early.

At that moment the forest Ranger came up the slope, on his horse. He stopped to warm me that a storm was coming and he was letting anyone on the trail know that the trail was closing.

When I didn’t move from where I was sitting, with my leg out I could see in his eyes that he figured out that I had hurt myself. He quickly got down from his shiny brown horse and with the same tender care he would give a bird with a broken wing examined my ankle and then wrapped it and picked me up and put me on the horse . He got on and I held on tight as he skillfully maneuvered down the steep rocky path.

I could feel the warmth of his body against mine as the rain began to fall .

The horse stopped in front of a wood cabin.

Is this where you live? I


My home is really up there at the look out post but this is my home in between.

He carried me in side put me on a leather sofa in the living room.

I looked around. It had a cozy feel to it with books and mission lamps giving off glowing yellow light and brown fur rugs everywhere.

He then without saying a word to me brought a shirt and sweat pants out of his bedroom for me to put on.

He then proceeded to light a pile of wood waiting in the fireplace. He waited with his back to me, until the fire was burning brightly casting shadow across the room. I sat in silence and he didn’t know that he was igniting inside of me a flame that would never go out.

Then turned not allowing himself to look at me and said,

Better get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold. “Then he disappeared into another room.

I hurried and got out of the wet clothes and put

on his over sized shirt and sweat pants.

When he came back he stopped stood in the door way and said “you look beautiful! “

I felt my cheeks flush and I’m sure they were a vivid pink, and gave him a smile.

He had a put the tray of hot soup and streaming coffee as placed it on the side table. He had taken off his uniform had on a brown casual shirt and jeans.

He took my clothes and put them in the dryer.

At first we just had our soup in silence with the sound of the rain pounding on the roof and splashing against the windows. It was magical and serene.

Like we were in the center of the universe, just he and I.

Then to break the silence, I asked him why he became a Forest Ranger - he looked at me and said it was what I had always dreamed of becoming and I guess, he paused and took my hand and looked deep into my eyes — it was my destiny.

I knew exactly what he was saying for I felt this overwhelming feeling for him pulsating inside of me that was pulling me tugging at my heart and even deeper -to my very soul.

His face came close to mine and I saw his eyes looking down at my lips and I paused waiting for him to kiss me when his cell phone rung.


Hello- why yes she is right here, he said , safe and sound.

He gave me the phone. It was Bella. She was happy I was okay. She hung up.

I gave him back his phone and said softly I had better get back.

He nodded in agreement with a disappointed look in his eyes.

The rain had stop and the night had fallen. I rode with him on his horse back to my home. .

Clinging to him I felt a need coming from deep inside me to hold on to him, while wishing in my heart this moment would never end.

Bella hugged me and thanked him and went back into the house. I thanked him also but when I turned to go inside he gently grabbed my arm and pulled me tightly to him and kissed me passionately. My whole body went limp and I found myself responding with a passion unknown to me before now.

He held me and whispered in my ear, I knew you would come — I’ve waited for you all my life. When I first saw you- I knew you were the one.

I smiled back at him and as he wrapped his arms around me as really tight as if hen never wanted to let go and kissed me a very long time.

We married six months later with my uncle and aunt and friends gathered around. I wore a lilac dress with each of us wearing a wreath of rosemary on our heads symbolic of our eternal faithfulness to each other.

It was at the very spot I hurt my ankle on the cliff overlooking the wind blown lush green trees on the mountains.

We were pronounced man and wife at the very moment the sun went below the mountains leaving it’s lingering golden rays waving to all as though in celebration of our joining of our hearts and our eternal love.


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