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Depp vs Heard

I'm so sick of this shit

By Mae McCreeryPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
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Yes, I have also been obsessively reading and watching this trial just like everyone else in the country, and I've got to say, I'm pretty sure a lot of people are misinterpreting things.

First and foremost, let me make one thing absolutely clear: the verdict put them both at fault. It's just that Depp could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was physically abused and Heard could not, she also admitted in recordings from an official deposition that she wrote the OP-ED that ruined his career AND she committed perjury on the stand. That does not mean Depp is in the clear because due to his drinking and drug abuse during their marriage he was verbally abusive. So, when I tell you that this verdict puts them both at fault, it's not at EQUAL fault.

First thing the jury probably looked at was the witness testimonies, those are first hand accounts that cannot be ignored. If you look at the defense and prosecutions lists you can see a stark difference.

Depp's team pulled primarily eyewitnesses or character witnesses, there is a difference. An eyewitness saw something happen in the moment, a character witness is someone who has been close to the defendant/prosecutor for some time. Depp's team had expert witnesses as well, and they were good at pulling expert witnesses that had dealt with Depp and Heard either during their marriage, or just after. The character witnesses they called to the stand were kind of unusual, they did call his best friend and sister, but they also called on assistants and body guards and others that were employed during the marriage. That is important because some of them were only employed by Heard and not Depp. The fact that they were called by Depp's team, puts them at an advantage.

Heard's team didn't seem to have a rhyme or reason to their list because they brought in expert witnesses and character witnesses that only knew Heard and usually they had met with her because of the trial, not because they knew her while she was married to Depp. They brought up her sister, but even her sister's testimony is shaky for her side at best because she's answering around some of the questions. If you watch the unfiltered version of her testimony, her answers sound if not vague, extremely rehearsed. Her answers aren't in Depp's favor, but she's not saying he's in the wrong either. Also, her expert witnesses seemed to be not familiar with how to behave in a courtroom. And she must have been scraping the bottom of the barrel because unfortunately a lot of the witnesses for Heard's side were excused and removed because they had seen something about the trial online before taking the stand.

Depp's team relied heavily on sound recordings and Heard's prior recorded testimony for their original divorce proceedings. When the trial was first going on, I didn't think that was going to be enough for him to win, but Heard and her team just kept digging a hole and those recordings ended up being pretty much the only evidence they needed. Not only did Heard get on the stand and say that she never hit Depp, but she said that after the recording of her voice stating "I did not punch you, I hit you, there's a difference" Then she gets on the stand and says that she never hit him? She also messed up by rambling through answers on the stand and posing for pictures on the stand. You've seen the video, I've seen the video. She posed, don't lie. The Jury DEFINITELY saw her pose in real time. Her photographic evidence was also problematic because they proved in court that she altered the photo in photoshop, and not just change the brightness, no there were lines of code where she altered the picture. That is a huge no-no, any lawyer will tell you in any battery case that when you take a photo of a bruise or welt or any injury YOU DO NOT OPEN IT IN ANOTHER APP ESPECIALLY NOT A PHOTO EDIT APP. It doesn't matter what happens to the photo in the editor app, it has been adjusted and cannot be proven to be authentic beyond a reasonable doubt.

That is one thing people forget about serving on a jury, you are to asked to be sure beyond a reasonable doubt that a side is at fault or not. It's not just a feeling, and it cannot be a split vote, it has to be unanimous in a case like this. Also, we don't see it but when selecting a jury that takes days, they analyze everyone with extreme scrutiny and both sides pick jurors, it's not just assigned to them to be in that box. They probably went through almost a hundred people to get that specific 12, and probably 4 alternates.

Bottom line, they both have issues to work out, and we will never know what it was like in their marriage because both of them lead pretty private lives. You can think what you want, but I believe Depp desered to win.


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