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December Baby and Proud

Really, it's not a bad thing.

By Jessica NorrisPublished about a year ago 6 min read
December Baby and Proud
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

It all started on my first birthday. My mom asked people not to buy me gifts because we were going to celebrate my half-birthday in June.

Everyone got me gifts on my birthday anyway. The rest is history.

My birthday is December 17th. It's the middle of the road. My birthday isn't excessively close to Christmas, but it isn't far away either. What's it like having a December birthday? Is it hard having a birthday that lands so close to the major holiday of Christmas?

People argue that having a birthday close to Christmas has the following drawbacks:

  • People forget about your birthday altogether because it's so close to Christmas, and that's where people's attention is focused.
  • Birthday decorations are overshadowed by Christmas decorations. Plus, you sometimes get birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper or your Christmas and birthday gifts combined.
  • Your birthday gets lost in the shuffle. Your birthday celebration feels like an add-on to the parties and get-togethers that are already happening.

There is some validity to these claims; I have been fortunate enough to have a family who has always put in the effort to make my birthday special. And now that I'm older, I find it easier to see the benefits of having a birthday near Christmas.

I wouldn't have it any other way. If you have a December birthday, it's best to learn to embrace it. Because there are some great benefits to it.

People are more likely to remember your birthday.

Here's the thing: Christmas is one of those holidays that people don't forget about. Even for the people who don't celebrate Christmas, the date of December 25th manages to stand out. If your birthday happens to land near it, people associate your birthday with it and are more likely to remember your birthday.

When the topic of December birthdays comes up, often someone will comment, "Oh yeah, I had this one friend whose birthday was on Christmas Eve." And often this comment elicits sympathy statements of "Yeah, that is rough" or "I would hate that." But did that person ever forget the Christmas Eve birthday? Probably not entirely. Even if people remember a few days later, they're still more likely to remember.

If we're honest with the self-reflection, who actually remembers your birthday? It's the people who were going to take the time to make it special no matter what day of the year it landed on. And if they can associate it with a significant landmark holiday, it makes remembering that much easier for them. And finally, if people are going to forget your birthday, wouldn't you want it to be because of something happy like Christmas?

Double the gifts and bonus decorations

Okay, the Christmas decorations can overpower the birthday decorations. But seriously, who will put lights up for any other reason? Certainly not for the birthday that lands in the middle of the year. December birthday? You get lights, and people are in a festive mood. That is awesome.

When I was little, my parents would wait to put up the tree until after my birthday. And I'm thankful that they made that effort because it mattered to me at the time. Wow, you don't realize how much your parents do for you. Call your mother. Anyway. But these days, being with family matters more than waiting until after my birthday, and if we can find the time to all get together to decorate the tree?

That is great, whether it's December 1st or December 18th.

You could have some friends who combine your Christmas and birthday gifts, but I don't see that as a negative all the time. It can mean they put more effort into that one gift. Or it could also be that they're stressed and trying to save money.

But hey, when I get birthday and Christmas gifts? I'm getting double what anyone else is at this time of year.

I still like getting separate birthday and Christmas gifts, but I've come to appreciate gifts more overall. Someone takes the time to get you something? That's great. Say "thank you" and move on.

Your birthday gets added into the fun because people are already celebrating.

There's a Christmas party happening on your birthday? And people there happen to remember it's your birthday? Get ready for an extra happy birthday song from all the party guests. And you'll probably get a few added "happy birthday" wishes from the people who probably wouldn't have mentioned it or remembered it in another context.

Do adults do birthday parties anymore? If your birthday falls in the middle of year, will you take time to get together with friends and family?

But at Christmas, people are already getting together and spending time with the people they love. You will often be surrounded by friends and loved ones when your birthday is close to a major holiday like Christmas. Would your relative who lives far away have come to visit for your birthday? Maybe not, but if she's up for Christmas and your birthday celebration is thrown into the mix? Bonus.

So, rather than focus on how your birthday is being overshadowed, think about the people you get to see around your birthday that you wouldn't usually get to see.

Content to get what comes

When I was in my awkward ten-years-old to early teen years, my birthday mattered more to me. I might have been annoyed that my birthday was in December. Now I've come to realize there are plenty of other problems in the world to worry about. Perks of getting older, I guess.

My family loves me a lot, and they have been incredibly supportive of me my entire life. Yeah, I know that sounds sappy, but it's Christmastime. Get over it. And I'm thankful that they have helped me have great birthdays throughout the years.

Starting from that place of immense love and support, I have grown to see the benefits of the December birthday. Sure, some people might not like having their birthday so close to Christmas, but it has its perks.

It has also helped me to remember other people's birthdays. December birthdays stick in my mind too. And I make an effort to wish the December birthdays all the best on their special days.

I'm thankful for all the people who remember and for the gifts that come my way. But I'm happy with how the calendar dates have been aligned. A birthday eight days before Christmas. I wouldn't have it any other way.

By Eric Rothermel on Unsplash

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  • Derick Slack7 months ago

    December babies are a product of Spring Love! What’s cooler than that!

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