Dear Nobody

by Cynthia Perez 5 months ago in breakups

A Letter to My Ex

Dear Nobody

Dear Nobody,

Yes, that's right, I took your name away because it no longer has power here. I trusted you when you were untrustworthy, and I loved you even though you don't know how to return love. I gave you my heart, but you truly, despite of all the time in the gym, were not strong enough to hold it. I believed in you, when you couldn't believe in us, let alone me. You, nobody are nothing, and maybe you never were.

Hey Nobody, do you remember how I always had your back, but all you did was talk about me and break me down behind mine. Do you remember all the little jokes we shared, not knowing you were making a joke of me when we weren't together. Nobody, did you not know how well you were taken care of and cherished, even though you were undeserving of all of it?

No one will understand what you put me through. During the painful existence I tried to create in your world just to be pushed out and beaten down. No one will understand how much I sacrificed and changed because it was what you needed. I would put my own needs aside to help you. However you, nobody, will ever be grateful for any of it, because you have your own version you've decided to tell.

The version where you have taken all you've done and say it was me. The lies you told me to cheat, or the bruises you left on me physically and emotionally, you now have the nerve to say I did that to you. It's ok though, although its hurtful because I never expected that from you, I know you never deserved me. By letting you go completely, I will allow myself to receive my true blessings. The lies you've told are more of a reflection of your true self than of me. Your lies are your prison, and one day you'll realize it. The hurt you've caused, the tarnished reputations you've given people that only wanted to love you, and it'll be too late for you.

I will not allow you to have that kind of control over me or my happiness. I create my reality and the reality is you no longer have a place in it. My world is going to be peaceful and full of opportunity because I deem it so. I control my reactions and your bullshit no longer requires my attention in any form. Nobody, not even you the one I loved with such passion and genuine feeling, will have that power over me again. You taught me valuable lessons, the kind that hurt you to the core, and maybe one day you'll learn them for yourself. You've made me a stronger person for it.

The energy you've put out, I tried to warn you, will be coming back. Karma never forgets a name or its deeds. She will find you, and she will deal with you. It's not my job, I only wish you what you deserve. Nobody can hurt me again. May you have the life you truly deserve!

I know from time to time you will cross my mind and with time the pain of those memories will fade. With time I'll think less and less about you. When someone sees me and asks, "Who are you deep in thought about?" I will simply answer


That will be my truth. You are Nobody. Nobody means anything to me. All I ask is that you become someone else's problem while becoming my peace by leaving me alone.

With all the forgiveness I have in me to give to you,


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