Dear Cis Gay Men, Transgender People Matter Too!

by Edwin Betancourt 8 months ago in lgbtq

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Dear Cis Gay Men, Transgender People Matter Too!

Let me start off by saying, I am a Cis Gay Male! Is that important to know? Yes it is! Why? Because I'm sick and tired of hearing Cis Gay Men bash the Transgender community!

A few weeks ago, SCOTUS announced they are going to let Trump's Transgender Military Ban take effect (ruling was four to five, and it's pretty obvious who those five were). The praise has been through the roof with Transphobic people, but amongst those people rejoicing in this, is a majority of Cis Gay men!

I don't know where these Transphobic Cis Gay men (Trans men can be Gay as well) came from, but they clearly need to sit down and do some research because the Trans community have been fighting alongside us Gays since June 28, 1969! Heck, even longer than that!

The Stonewall Riots affected everybody who identified as Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (Queer wasn't a term that was used positively until the 2000s, even though I never see a positive way to use that word) because they all hung out at the Stonewall Inn.

The Stonewall Inn is a bar located in the Greenwich Village here in NYC. This year marks the 50th year since the Stonewall Riots, an event which saw Lesbians, Gay men, and Transgender people unite to protest the discrimination and injustice they experienced in New York City during the late 60s.

While I won't go into full details about the Stonewall Riots (since I'm saving that for my 2019 Pride edition celebrating 50 years) I will say that anyone who wasn't wearing three-piece articles of clothing that was appropriate for their gender were arrested by the police!

Only several people were arrested, but this was enough to make LGBT people angry!

They were able to put their differences aside and fight for a cause they strongly believed in: Equality.

There wasn't a clique section in the bar that said, "Trans people can sit in the back. Gays in the middle and Lesbians by the bar," everyone sat together.

But as time passed I've noticed that Transgender people have been pushed to the side or forgotten about and that breaks my heart.

There's a group of Lesbians (who came after me on Twitter a few months ago) in the UK who want to get Transgender people kicked out of the LGBTQ+ community.

An idiotic choice of words considering the LGBTQ+ community isn't a club where we meet once a week to discuss who we should let in and kick out. (Although it would be cool to have something like that in different states; can you imagine how we would take over the world for the better?) But according to these Lesbians, they believe that Trans women are forcing Lesbians to date them... yes, you read that correctly. I tried to dig deep into this on Twitter, but I was called a "Dude Bro" for not understanding even though no one has yet explained it to me.

I mean, are there seriously Transgender women out there who are forcing cis Lesbians to date them?

But again, I can't dive too much into that until I get more information. So stay tuned!

Yet here in the United States, Cis Gay men are throwing our Transgender brothers and sisters under the bus and it's disgusting and pathetic to witness.

I get that Trump's administration has been focusing on the Trans Community and I'm sure most Gays are happy the President has a target that isn't them, but when you attack the Trans Community, you are attacking the LGBTQ+ Community as well!

There have been so many Transgender pioneers who could've turned their backs on us when things got rough, but they stood beside the LGB people before us and fought for equality.

So what changed? Why are the Cis Gays so quick to dismiss Trans people as if they were an unattractive man at the club?

Is it because Transphobic Cis Gay men view Trans people as threats? What would make any minority hate another minority?

I sadly don't have the answer to those questions and I honestly may never know.

To the brave Transgender military members who have served and defended this country: THANK YOU!

And to the Transphobic Cis Gay men: DO AND BE BETTER—because you're embarrassing us!

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