Craving You

by Emma Kritzer 2 years ago in love

By Emma Kritzer

Craving You

I never thought I’d feel this way about you. Before you I was nothing. Just a normal girl who would roam the days without a single thought of happiness. The thought was irrelevant, pushed to the back of my mind like an old rumor from my childhood, Love was just a whisper. But you entered; like a character on stage of my favorite play you entered and never left. You were in the spotlight, and I’d do anything to feed your fire. We were like kids chasing after each other through the endless spider web called internet playing tag with our likes. You. Then me. You. Then me.

The day I met you before meeting you really; was normal I suppose. Well normal for now; we met online which to my parents was odd but to my friends not a big deal. You approached me which was probably best because I didn’t have the balls to do so. You asked me about my likes and dislikes and when I posted the photo of the lake you promised you knew where it was. I thought you were toying with me; But you showed up. We talked for a while and I left for a normal dinner. In my normal life. But you never left my mind. You changed my normal.

Weeks went by and we didn’t talk but say hi or hey every other day. The spark was extinguished for now. But, if we were in a dark room and we were the lights the room would have been an ocean of black with no stars to light the way. My heart craved you. Craved your voice. The low rumble that sounded like thunder against the sky.

Another week went by and I was going through a hard time... family issues. Homeless. I thought you had given up but you didn’t once you wanted something you went after it. Like a lion on the prowl for prey you kept your eyes locked on me. Offered me your home and opened your heart the spark flurished and the room filled with colorful speaks of light we were no longer an ocean of black waves but now a galaxy full of colors and stars floating through the Milky Way. The way our body’s wrapped into one, two souls intertwining as one. Your presents set me on fire. Whispers of love echo through the halls, whispers of life,family,kids...

You notice everything. From the way my fingers shake softly to the way my ears crinkle slightly when I smile. You notice how I walk the light stomping that sounds like a baby elephant running through the house. The way you play with Lucy when we are together. Her tail wags ungodly every time she sees you. We love you.. unconditionally

Even though we’ve only been together for a short time. I love you with a burning passion a flame that rips through my body torching everything in my path. We’re so much alike... from our likes and interest to our sleeping habits were the Same and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Maybe it’s written in the stars born one month and three years apart maybe it’s a sign. Laying with you. Is poetry in itself.

I love the way you smile and the goofy expressions that cross your face when I smile. Your touch against my skin turn my body to a liquid I melt when I’m with you. I’d tell you anything and everything. Hearing your keys jingle as you enter the house I feel like a puppy, wagging my tail knowing it’s you. I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else....Why?... because I crave you.

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