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Coded Dating

by Zen Attraction 2 years ago in dating
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An age where chemistry has disappeared.

Not everyone will understand, but it doesn't mean that you can't try.

In this day and age everyone is looking for the perfect formula in order to find the right match. But instead of using a "formula," we're simply using an algorith.

With dating apps being the most prevalent means of courting nowadays, and with the mass of information existing on the internet, it's easier than ever to try and methodically make your way into a coupling.

But what about chemistry? Why isn't that being listed as the hallmark of a good relationship?

Simply because it has been forgotten. Not too long ago before the emergance of new technologies, we've all felt that warm, fuzzy feeling inside our bellies, and we didn't liken it any inuendo. Only towards a knowing that our partner cared for us deeply.

What happened to the rush that we felt from the embrace of our significant other? In essence, as a result of this digital age, we've extinguished the art of chemistry, and in turn have been transformed into robots.

My theory is because of the lack of chemistry amongst our generation we don't feel the satisfaction and approval in our relationships. We seek to have an emotional attatchment, but without chemistry it doesn't exist. Standards have devolved from kind and caring to "must work out," or "has to be ambitious."

Where is the connection in that?

In sense of trying to come up with an algorith, we've neglected to live by the grassroots definition of chemistry. In chemistry there is a formula to create a chemical reaction between two elements. Without cooking the elements together a reaction does not occur, leaving the two separate and without a solute.

To those who do understand and are thirsty for the rushes and warm fuzzy feelings that you had once felt, I urge you to keep searching and be vocal to reestablish something beatiful that is now extinguished. In today's dating world where we aren't being fulfilled or truly heard but intimidated by someone trying to outdo the other, it's important to stay true to yourself and spread the love that you know exists deep inside.

Even though the world and technology is constantly evolving, bringing forth new rules and means of surviving, it doesn't mean that old modalities that were once beautiful have to disappear. I mean, hey. The renaissance was 700 years ago but we still gaze upon the Mona Lisa as if she's about to whisper in your left ear.

So this is my appeal to all of you who still believe in chemistry; don't be afraid to spark a romance. Reincorporate chemistry as a standard and know that you're deserving of a meaningful relationship, nurturing it with all that you have.

We've come so far in the past ten years to bring forth a cultural revolution, I think it's about time that we all experience an emotional reawakening.


About the author

Zen Attraction

Small town boy living in a gnarly city. Not hopeless but a bit of a romantic both in relationships and life. Through my writing I make it a personal mission to recreate a world for those few who still want to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

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