Childhood Friendships

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Benefits of Non-Judgment

Childhood Friendships

Childhood friendships are a gift to the world. Remember the days when you could make fart jokes, and nobody judged you? Those were the days, nobody called you juvenile because you were, in fact, juvenile – just a kid who didn’t know any better. Through the years, our innocence fades, and we become judgmental little teenagers who thrive on misery and pain. Little satanic demons if you will.

This innocence that we lose is something special. With it, we looked through all of the materialistic qualities and looked directly at the other person. It made it easy for us to make friends.


I dare you to look at others with an air of non-judgment because it is a beautiful thing. It opens your world to so much.

  • NEW EXPERIENCES: When we open ourselves to people we wouldn’t regularly interact with, new doors open up. One of the many reasons we close ourselves to certain people is because we don’t fully understand them. And if you can’t follow someone, you can’t connect with them. In the darkness of a new relationship, the sparks of surprise are never far away. It allows you to grow both mentally and empathetically.
  • HIGHER QUALITY FRIENDSHIPS : Removing judgment from your relationships allows them to flourish to new heights. At the core, love only thrives in an environment of no judgment. When you remove this from your life, your friends and family will naturally gravitate closer to you. Thus, you create more profound and more intimate bonds that will ensure your happiness.
  • HAPPIER: Not only will the relationships that you create give you a chance to be more comfortable, but so will your new way of thought. Remember the joy of childhood friendship? When we look at this world without judgment, there is a sort of veil that is lifted from your vision. Everywhere you saw stress and discontent is now just an observable phenomenon. It becomes a point of chance instead of stagnation. The world and everything in it begins to glow in a new light of beauty.

To be human is to be full of mistakes and suffering. Though some of us are better at healing our wounds, we were all once newborns who had an entire life in front of them. The experience differs from person to person, and that means we all have unique stories – unique auras that surround us.


So how do we look at others with the eyes we had when looking for childhood friendships?

  • ACCEPTANCE AND EMPATHY : Acceptance and empathy are essential to a peaceful mind. Though we can create what we have in this world in an overarching sense, that is not always true in the immediate moment. Sometimes we come into conflict with things we can’t control or even understand. Accepting these moments as a part of your experience, you learn the balance of yin and yang. Struggles are just lessons you need to learn.
  • LOVE: Open your heart and be surprised at what comes in. Compassion for your fellow man is what makes the wise men great and the fool smarter.
  • WHEN YOU POINT THE FINGER AT SOMEONE, THREE MORE ARE LOOKING AT YOU: The faults that we notice in others are no more than a projection than a struggle we have faced at one point in our lives. It’s not uncommon that the person who frustrates you the most is, in fact, fighting the same battle you are. Though it may not seem it, there are only a few struggles that humans face – they just make themselves present in ever different ways.

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Keane Neal-Riquier
Keane Neal-Riquier
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