Second Chance at Love
Second Chance at Love

Chapter 3: Pushed into the Arms of Another

by Kathryn Donaldson 2 months ago in dating

A continuation to "Heartbreak Motel"

Chapter 3: Pushed into the Arms of Another

Michelle had finally opened her eyes, she finally saw Chase's worth, and was FINALLY ready to put in the work for their relationship, but she was one second too late, and time wasn't on her side... simultaneously, Chase had given up the fight for their love for good, forever. However, Chase didn't wanna hurt Michelle. Her eyes were about to be wide open...she was about to experience the worst pain in her entire life. After all, how long did she think she would be able to go about love the way she did? Selfish, a spoiled mentality like the world owed her something... something that she wasn't even ready to reciprocate, because the first man in her life didn't show her love... her biological Dad. That's what she was ultimately searching for... she was a little girl trapped in an adult body looking for her Dad in every relationship... looking for love in all the wrong places.

Michelle started stalking Chase and his new boo's facebook page looking for signs of unhappiness. She had become a very good private investigator. She found out Tameka's age, Zodiac sign, and she knew how many kids she had. Curiosity was about to kill Michelle... not even three weeks after their break-up Chase had posted an ultrasound picture, and bragged about his child on the way. Michelle was still in denial; she thought Chase couldn't have a child of his own. They had been having unprotected sex for ten months and she didn't get pregnant. Chase had told her during their relationship that Doctors said it was a one in 100,000 chance that he would ever have a baby. The weeks didn't add up. Searching for clues about who the real Father was, was her #1 priority. Michelle had snooped so much to the point she found an ex of Tameka. He was mixed and light skinned.

As time went on during one of her "stalking" escapades she found out that Chase had cheated on Tameka. Chase had posted on social media that he had been cheating on his girlfriend (Tameka) for the past six months. Michelle had found some hope that soon there would be trouble in paradise... or so she thought.

Meanwhile, Michelle was serial dating just to keep her mind off of Chase. The worst decision a person can make is not taking the proper time needed after a break up. People NEED that time to love themselves and emotionally detox. Neither Michelle or Chase did that.

It was around February of 2015 when Michelle had started joining different groups on facebook. She ran into a guy named Larry. Larry was currently living in the same house as his wife, who was also the Mother to his kids. He claimed that they don't sleep in the same bed and that they really couldn't stand each other. When Michelle met him, she was still serial dating, still believing Chase would return to her. She wasn't attracted to Larry. Larry was in his mid 30s, receiving disability payments for him, and his two kids, was diagnosed with Lupus, and he was over 600 lbs. She immediately put him in the friend zone, and he was aware of that. As a matter of fact she would give him all the juicy details from every date. Michelle felt they were becoming the very best of friends. He would make "memes" of Tameka. They would joke together how Tameka looked like a horse.

Larry and Michelle became like two peas in a pod. She lived in Arizona and he lived in Indiana. She had NO plans on moving up there to be closer to him.

His feelings grew very fast for Michelle. After only knowing her for two weeks, he confessed that he was in love with her. Michelle was used to men getting feelings for her, the problem would purposely push them away. She saw her Dad in every man she encountered. She had made it up in her mind that every man was like him. She had a vision about the way love should be. She had to make her own set of rules and assumptions about love ,which led her down a very dark and depressing path. A path that included pulling in "loser" men and pushing away any and all forms of true love. The irony of Michelle's approach to love was almost as if she pulled in "bad boys" just to (in some odd way) prove that all men were dogs and up to no good, just to try and protect herself. What she didn't realize was that she in fact was her own #1 enemy... and now that Chase was not around, who else was there for her to destroy? Mr. let's be friends, "Larry." Oh boy, was he in for the wildest, most painful four years of his life... (To be continued).

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