Chapter 2: Heartbreak Motel

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A continuation of 'Broken Into Pieces'

Chapter 2: Heartbreak Motel

Chase found himself on the bus, heartbroken and headed to a roach infested, weekly rate hotel, which he would call home for the next four weeks.

Meanwhile... Michelle was staring at the screen of her phone in disbelief... Chase had changed his relationship status on his Facebook page to "single." She thought that even though she had kicked this man to the curb at his lowest that he wouldn't let go of their relationship. She had kicked him to the curb on numerous occasions in the past, but this time was different; even Chase had his limits. Repeated heartbreak from the same source will make any human give up. Pain is painful and heartbreak can break you...

Instead of reaching out to him what she did was go into victim mode, attempted to justify her actions towards him during their relationship and ultimately pushed him away with silence. They say that silence can be deadly. Michelle was about to learn the hard way.... the hardest way a lesson could ever teach her.

The following morning she met Chase at his job. She told him that she still wanted them to work on things and that she would help look for places to stay. Michelle wasn't working at the time.

Michelle and her mother didn't get along well living under the same roof. Their relationship had always been like the relationship between oil and water... it just didn't mix well. They only tolerated each other.

Here she is, in her 30s, a mother of two kids, legally married to the father of her kids, who she chose to separate from two years prior, once she fell in love with "Mr. Florida."

Little did she know that the night she kicked Chase out... he had updated his old dating profile on the same dating app he had met Michelle on. Her time in his life would soon come to an end and her spot would be forever taken. He had one wish and that was to get married. Michelle didn't take him serious. She took him for granted and used her ego to "teach" him a lesson. He would soon be granted the wish of a family.

Even though Chase wasn't able to eat home-cooked meals, have sex on a regular basis and most of all had to be without "his" Michelle, he still kept a positive attitude. Yes, he had refreshed his dating profile with new photos that didn't stop him from trying to hang in there with Michelle.

Michelle would complain about having to live with her Mother, yet she didn't put forth much effort when it came to finding a job or finding them a suitable place to live. Chase decided he would pay a little extra in Motel fees so that he could get a room with two beds... however, Michelle refused to go. She thought she was too good to live in a two star motel.

Over the course of two weeks Chase would become even more distant, but this time the distance was created in his heart. Little did Michelle know he had ran into his ex, Tameka, on the dating app.

Now, this ex of his was one Michelle would never forget. See, Chase had told Michelle about this ex before. This ex had stolen his debit card and held his belongings hostage because he wouldn't give her money. As a matter of fact she is the reason why when Michelle had first met Chase he only had one pair of jeans and one shirt.

Chase had started giving excuses to Michelle when she wanted to come visit him at the motel. His "baby come see me" turned into "I'm gonna hang with the guys tonight."

One time it caused a big argument and Michelle just decided to ask him, "Are you still in love with me"?

He yelled into the phone "YES, but I'm tired of your ish, Michelle!"

Hurt feelings nonetheless—but that didn't make her open her eyes, change her selfish ways, and move in his motel room as he had begged a couple weeks prior. Not loving yourself will blind you from loving others the proper way. It will also blind you from seeing when someone has true, unconditional love for you. There was a time (not so long ago) when Chase would do ANY and EVERY thing to have Michelle in his life. That time was up. There was a new woman in his life. A woman that would give him his first child and the marriage he wanted with Michelle... (to be continued).

Kathryn Donaldson
Kathryn Donaldson
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