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Cards for People That Don't Care About Valentine's Day

Know someone who can't stand the holiday of love? Get him/her any of these hilarious cards for people that don't care about Valentine's Day!

By Penny NewtonPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Ah, Valentine's Day, it's the holiday solely based on love between couples and even friends. The holiday where you give each other stunning bouquets of red roses, large snuggly teddy bears, and boxes and boxes of chocolates that will put anyone into a chocolate coma. Love is in the air on this day... and so is hate. For those awesome single people out there, we can't blame them for hating this holiday. Hell, there are even couples that find Valentine's Day to be utterly stupid, because they share the love they have for each other every day already. No need to make a holiday for it.

But, yes, if you're one of them, there are people who actually despise Valentine's Day. There isn't one solid reason why many people don't like the holiday; either something occurred in the past or they're simply single and can't stand the cuddly wuddly holiday. And if you know someone, or even if that someone is you, there certainly are cards for people that don't care about Valentine's Day. These anti-Valentine's Day cards are pretty hilarious, too, and will make any anti-Valentine laugh in total agreement.

If you and your best friend are forever single, be single together on Valentine's Day! Since the two of you share the same feelings towards the holiday, giving this as a Valentine's Day card to your best friend will definitely bring some laughter into the picture. So, be single together by being lazy together on the couch and ordering pizza for delivery!

The inside of this anti-Valentine's Day card is empty, which gives you room to put your personal message inside. Maybe put an inside joke between the two of you or a message stating how great the single life is. This is also a card to embrace your singleness!

Inspired by one of the funniest memes out there and among the best cards for people that don't care about Valentine's Day, this card will definitely make your friend laugh if she knows the Roll Safe meme. For an anti-Valentine's Day card, this card is actually very decorative and anyone and everyone who's single can definitely agree to the statement on the front.

But seriously, if you're single, you really don't have to worry about making the day special for your significant other. The inside is left blank for you to put any personal messages in it. Plus, this is the perfect card for someone who was dumped or recently dumped someone!

Seriously... who needs a boyfriend when makeup can make you feel good? For those who are the ultimate makeup lovers, this is the perfect anti-Valentine's Day card for her. It shows the amount of love they have for makeup instead of an actual human.

Not to mention that the inside of the card states, "Happy STUPID Valentine's Day." This is surely one of the best cards for people that don't care about Valentine's Day. And, of course, getting makeup is always better than getting a boyfriend.

So, who are you going to spend Valentine's Day with this year? Well, according to the card, it's with your one true love. Is it your significant other? Well, if you open the card, it's better than your lover... it's "food." Yes, food! If your super single, indulging on fat food is the best way to spend Valentine's Day.

The majority of couples go out on fine dinner dates, but us cool singles know a better way to eat great food—and it's by ordering takeout and lounging on the living room couch the entire night. Pizza, Chinese food, burgers, or Indian food, take out food is the best food, and eating alone... makes the food taste better.

Among the best cards for people that don't care about Valentine's Day, this one can go two ways. Either you totally creep out your friend, or have him laughing until he loses his balance. It's basically stating that no matter how lonely you feel on Valentine's Day, there's probably someone out there stalking your life. Even if there isn't, it's still a hilarious concept to think about on Valentine's Day; it might also make your friend feel better about himself. You're only just helping the single person in your life.

When opening the card, it simply states "Happy Valentine's Day!" and we all can use a good laugh this Valentine's Day. Or this can be a method to freak out your friend about a fake stalker that you know.

This is a great card for people that don't care about Valentine's Day. The front of this card is stunningly decorated and even what's written is pretty adorable at first. And if you're someone who doesn't like the holiday of love and find this card to already be cheesy, wait a second. So, on Valentine's Day, we're basically celebrating "the most perfect and beautiful thing know to exist in all the world..." Is it love?

Well, if you open it, it's... "CHOCOLATE." Yes, chocolate is undoubtably the most perfect and beautiful thing in the world. This is the ideal card for any major chocolate lover. Around this holiday, stores are putting so many boxes of chocolate out there for couples to give to each other. But we all know the chocolate is for the single fellows out there to binge eat on. However, if you wait to buy chocolate about a day or two after Valentine's Day... the chocolates go on sale!

This is a hysterical card to give to people that don't care about Valentine's Day. There's so much love in a friendship, and most of the time, that love consists a lot of jokes and fooling around. That's why this card stating that you love your best pal with all of your butt instead of your heart, because your booty is bigger, is the greatest card your friend will read. Nothing states it better than this card, if you ask me.

While the inside of the card is left blank, add onto the joke with any additions. Even though the cover of the card says it all, your message can have more meaning while the two of you couldn't be any more single. Share the love with your butt to your favorite person ever!

Bust your friend's chops with one of the funniest cards to give to people that don't care about Valentine's Day. "Rose are red, violets are blue, Valentine's Day sucks, and so do you!" Can't say it any better than this card. It's an ideal card for someone who can't stand the holiday of love and this card will remind them that feeling.

But to keep the card light, put a loving message in the inside, since it was left blank for any personal writing. Show how much you truly love your friend and that being single is, in fact, the best! Not to mention that there are ways being single is good for your health.

How about a little filth for an anti-Valentine's Day card? Honestly, who needs a boyfriend when there's batteries? Don't know what I'm talking about? Then open it up and "have a vibrating time this Valentine's Day!" Hilarious and dirty, your best friend will be in tears from laughter after reading this card.

When single this Valentine's Day, you'll have no one to please but yourself and this card is certainly fitting. Remind your best friend that all she needs is herself that night... and an extra pack of batteries to make it extra special.

Last among the hilarious cards for people that don't care about Valentine's Day is this one stating your most sincere of greetings on this very special occasion to your friend. What can that greeting be? Take a look inside and you'll find a greeting stating, "Happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented, manipulative, shallow, and entirely arbitrary interpretation of romance day." Basically sums up what Valentine's Day really is in the eyes of single people.

It's as though this card broke it to everyone on what Valentine's Day truly is and to the single individual you're giving this to—he'll love it. For us who are single, we clearly believe that Valentine's Day is a made-up holiday for people to make money off of selling cheesy gifts as well as an excuse to have sex. Make this known to your best friend!


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