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Capturing Happiness

by RuthValencia 4 months ago in love
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Spring is here and the grass in the yard is quietly poking its head out. On the weekend,

Capturing Happiness
Photo by Karlo Tottoc on Unsplash

Spring is here and the grass in the yard is quietly poking its head out. On the weekend, I had some time to spare, so I was ready to "catch" this small grass.

Change into "work clothes", put on leather gloves, hold a small shovel, move a small stool, ready to start work. The little one took a look at the situation and laughed, saying that I was like a new person, and expressed doubts about my weeding skills. I was not convinced and said that I was a farmer's son and that I had often worked with the land as a child. It was a piece of cake! The little guy was skeptical.

In order not to be underestimated, I immediately opened the work. A look, the grass is not big, I thought it should be faster to pull directly by hand, so I started the weeding mode. But don't look at it small, but the root strength is very big, the result is that the grass leaves were pulled by me, but the grassroots are left in the soil. I think this is not good, after a spring rain, and to grow up, they will use the shovel; but some roots are deeper, they will dig down again ...... results tossed nearly an hour, only two steps forward, and the ground like a pig arch.

The little guy came out to take a look, then laughed again; my red face, also followed the laughing.

Straighten up, stretch your legs and pound your back. The left look, right look, small grass is everywhere, it seems to "catch the big and let the small", let the small grass live a few days is also my mercy ah! So I aimed at a few big grasses, a pluck, the roots also came out together, but also brought a set of soil, feel a sense of accomplishment, and then excitedly "lissome" forward. So the ground has become a hornet's nest again, a pit and a pit.

Before I knew it, it was almost noon, and my love came home from work, but I hadn't done my lunch yet, so I immediately sold out: "Sorry, I've been weeding the yard all morning, and I've gleaned all the grass!" My lover was surprised: "Didn't you say you'd wait for me to do it together?" I joked: "Seeing you so busy with the entrance exams, I can't let you go!" My lover laughed and walked to the yard to look: "Huh? You've done the wedding? How can I feel that the grass is still full of ah? And potholes!" I argued, "No, it's not. Smaller grass to grow again, so small grass pull out how cruel! The uneven soil will be more breathable, but also increase fertility!" The lovers shook their heads speechlessly, crying and laughing.

The little one came back to the table and "added fuel to the fire" by telling me how I had dressed up and weeded in the morning, and the meal ended with my "criticism" and laughter.

In the afternoon, we "caught" the grass in the yard again, not even the smallest grass. They looked so insignificant that some of them could not be seen without a closer look, but they were all over the yard and hard to pull up from the roots, so my lover simply turned the soil with a big shovel while I picked out the small grasses, and we both spent the whole afternoon doing it. In the end, the grass was piled up in three big buckets, three times as much as the big grass I pulled in the morning, not to mention the quantity.

Throughout the afternoon, my lover and I chatted as we weeded, with the little one occasionally joining in and helping to boil tea and pour water. We figured out what to plant in the yard: the little one wants to plant melons and tomatoes, I want to plant cucumbers and loofahs, and my love wants to plant watermelons and peppers ...... Looking at the newly turned black soil, I seem to see a yard full of melons and vegetables, and my heart is sweet!

In fact, in life, people often only capture the "big grass", but no care and patience to capture the "small grass". But how many people know that that small happiness is the most important component of our lives, and as long as you capture them carefully, and feel them with your heart, they will be everywhere?


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