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Can Women Use Brass Knuckles? A Simple Guide!

Brass Knuckles

By Zara SophiaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Brass knuckles are a type of weapon that has been in use for over a century. These days, they're mostly illegal to own, but if you do happen to find yourself with one and are being attacked, it can be very effective.

A study done by a physical therapist at the University of Texas showed that wearing knuckle dusters can increase punching power by as much as 25%. However, if someone else is wearing these knuckles, it may make them more confident knowing that they have an improved chance of hitting their target.

Wear Knuckles Properly

The most important part of using these knuckles is making sure the finger is inserted into the ring around the center protrusion. This will ensure that when you punch with the knuckle duster, it's sticking out from your fist rather than being tucked in where it might not have as much force.

I'm sure you've seen a lot of guys with a little circle around their knuckles, and maybe you've wondered what it was. It turns out this is where the main part of brass knuckles is. It's sort of like two knuckles deformed into one. A common misconception about knuckles is that they're made of actual brass, although some people might think that just because the weapon looks like it does.

Knuckles for Women

Knuckle dusters can be used by women. They come in different shapes like the traditional 'hand' shape or a loop-type brass knuckle where loops of metal are screwed together to form a fist-sized weapon that fits in the palm of your hand.

Brass knuckles have been designed to give the wearer more control over their punches and they don’t look as threatening, so they are becoming a more popular choice for women. They are not as easy to conceal and might slow down your hand movements, but they have a one-time purchase price and there is no cost for upkeep.

These knuckles are easy to find and they are legal in most places, so they make a good concealable self-defense tool. It is possible to use your bare fist in self-defense, but you will have very little control and it leaves you open to getting injured. But with knuckles, you can still throw fast punches and you will have the added protection of hard metal.

Specific Design and Styles

There are many designs available for brass knuckles. Some are made of solid metal, while others have holes in them to prevent your hand from being squeezed too hard. They can come with one or two fingers exposed, or all three. Typically, punching with the middle knuckle is most powerful and least likely to break your hand.

In addition to protecting your fist during a punch, knuckles also help protect your fingers and wrist from an opponent’s attack. There are many designs available for women that have been specifically designed to fit smaller hands.

Many people don’t realize that women have a tendency to clench their fists tighter than men when they make a fist, which is why they need special protection for the smaller hands.

Wearing Styles!

Some knuckles are designed to be worn on the palm of your hand and they have long spikes coming out. Although these might be good for a surprise attack, you will sacrifice your ability to grasp objects if you are wearing them.

Designers have made knuckles that look like rings or bracelets so people aren’t aware of what they really are. They don’t give up much in the way of protection by looking like jewelry, but they do cost more. These knuckles usually have an ergonomic shape that fits nicely into your hand and is comfortable to wear.


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