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Can No Strings Attached Turn Into a Relationship?

Turning a no strings attached fling into a serious relationship is a tricky thing but not an impossible one.

By CathyPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Turning a no strings attached fling into a serious relationship is a tricky thing but not an impossible one. This has often happened and has even taken some center stage where a one night stand has led to serious relationship. This happens commonly when the two partners have been close friends for a time; however, closing these lines requires much thinking through things beforehand.

For one to have the NSA relationship they must learn to sit on their feelings, unfortunately this is not always possible. Emotions start getting in their way and they end up falling in love with their friendship, this sparks the journey of trying to woo the other party to also commit.

What are the challenges when turning a NSA to a serious relationship?

The first is committing—both of you were initially having just a fling that none was committed to but now things are getting serious. For a stable relationship, both partners have to be emotionally invested in it. This poses the greatest challenge but again you cannot have your cake and still eat it.

The other challenge is communication; one partner may start to lean in but they are afraid of speaking up in the fear of scaring their friend and potential soul mate away. Despite the need to sit on your emotions while in a NSA kind of relationship, whenever they get in your way, you should learn to speak up. Openness is encouraged as partners who try to suppress their surging affections ends up feeling used and they hurt silently.

Losing a friend is another threat that haunts the process. In situations where only one partner is falling in love while the other does not want a relationship, friendship and the whole sex buddy fun stands at a risky position. This is common with men who often run away from their lady friends who are considered more emotional, once they learn of their intentions.

The awkwardness of the whole change is another thick that the two needs to work through. As friends and having shared a lot of personal information even about your other dates and such matters may prove to be tricky. There is that stage between the transformation period that such awkwardness threatens to tear everything down and even erode trust.

In a NSA relationship, pregnancies can arise and they have often been the cause of previous sex buddies getting into a relationship to bring up the kid. However, this is also a major challenge as one partner who is not ready for this may end up felling trapped into committing to a relationship they never had planned for.

How do other relationships work?

There are also other types of relationships and among which you may have heard about the swingers. These are the type of people who engage freely in sex and lead the SLS lifestyle. It just works like that every relationship out of marriage a swinger has is NSA relationship. Sounds wired? But this group of people accept this and they just have sexually free spirit.


There are pretty high chances that a NSA relationship will turn serious one time mostly to those that wear their hearts in their sleeves. To change the status of your fling to a real thing you have to learn how to work through the above challenges. Monitor your emotions when you are in this type of relationship and always be open minded, state your intentions upfront as it better die young than grow rotten.


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