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Building a Home

Home vs House

Building a Home

The main difference between a house and a home is that a house is concrete. A house generally refers to a building in which someone lives. In contrast, a home refers to any location that a person thinks of as the place where they live and refer it to a place in which they love and have a family within.

After I have moved in with my boyfriend, I asked if I could start changing up some things around his house. Now at the time he was just a single man living in a house. Although I saw a total mess, he still knew where everything was. For me to make house changes was not something that he was the most comfortable with at the time but he had allowed me to do so.

Although the home was very beautiful as is, it was buried and dirty and needed some love. The more I started to clean things out and began to alter things such as wall colors, furniture, lighting and so on, the more I realized I was not picking paint colors and light fixtures for him and his house or even for myself, but I was doing it for us and our future family that I began to see us having.

I wanted a place that felt like it could be home for the both of us, a place that we would be in when we got married and a home in which we would raise our children in. I started by cleaning the inside of the house and noticed some things I did not exactly want when we would be raising children such as fish hooks or rusted tools and nails in some odd spots. So, I began to relocate them. Along with anything else I found messy looking or unorganized. Eventually, everything has been relocated into totes and although it looks more organized throughout the home, he now has no idea where anything is anymore. It did not help that I was not too sure what the half the items were or even to be used for. So that part continues to be our little challenge, yet our little laughs as we both know everything is in a tote but do not know which totes all the items are located in.

As I moved to the outside of the home and along the property, I noticed some glass here and there. I began to clean up any broken items and garbage around the property as once again I was just altering the things I saw as a danger for a future family.

Throughout this, there is no guarantee a family would be had with me, even though it is very much what I want. However, after I thought about it, I realized it did not matter to me when it came to creating a home here. The man I am with deserves the world and even if we fell apart, I would still want him to have a home ready for his one-day family and children. It was a sacrifice I would be willing to make. Afterall, he made the sacrifice for me to alter his home and his everyday familiarity.

After it all has been said and done up to this point, almost a year later, whole house repainted, everything completely reorganized, or at least my version of organized, not his, I am very happy with the results and I feel he is too. Men do not exactly express themselves much especially when it comes to the sappy stuff but I believe he can see the same future I can see with us together as a team, continuing to build a home and a life together.

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