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Bryce hall: Biography, childhood, youth and personal life

Bryce hall Biography

By zulmai khanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Bryce hall: Biography, childhood, youth and personal life
Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Bryce Hall is an American tiktoker, whose popularity was brought by dance and combination videos, edited to trendy music and published on social networks. In addition to the TikTok account, the blogger also has a YouTube channel and an Instagram profile, where he promotes his personal brand and delights fans with aesthetic photos and videos.

Childhood and youth

Bryce was born on August 14, 1999 in Ellicott City in the US state of Maryland. His zodiac sign is Leo. Hall turned out to be the only child in the family, and there is no complete information about what his parents did for a living. The boy was raised by his mother.

Personal life

For a long time, followers wondered whether the guy’s heart was free. Haters classified him as a member of sexual minorities, arguing that such an attractive young man could not remain without female attention. Users' assumptions were also provoked by the videos that the blogger filmed together with Mikey Baron.

Bryce is traditional. In the winter of 2019, he pleased the audience with a video with his girlfriend Ellie Dangin. The couple even broadcast live a house party, which caused an enthusiastic reaction from subscribers. However, the happiness of the lovers turned out to be fleeting, their relationship lasted only a year.

In 2020, changes occurred in the blogger’s personal life; he began dating tiktoker Addison Rae .

Hall attracts the attention of fans not only with her creative research, but also with her appearance. A brown-eyed brunette with a stylish hairstyle goes in for sports and is not averse to showing off his muscles on camera if the opportunity arises. The TikToker's height is 179 cm and his weight is 60 kg.


Bryce Hall began his artistic career as a teenager. He began promoting on social networks in 2014. The American's initial goal was to meet new people and find friends through online broadcasts. As a child, he was bullied by his peers, and Hall preferred this option to increase self-esteem and get rid of loneliness.

Using the Vine application, the blogger gathered an audience of 30 thousand subscribers. After the service closed, Bryce began making funny videos that he posted on His account united an audience of 1 million people. In 2015, Bryce Hall launched his own YouTube channel. The guy's videos featured friends. After the appearance of TikTok, a new stage began in Hall’s biography. He assessed the prospects of the site and quickly collected a large number of subscribers.

In 2019, the creative figure became a member of the popular TikTok house Sway House in Los Angeles. He chose a youth format of work and creativity, which involves living together with partners to save time when creating original content.

For some time, the TikToker made videos with Mark Thomas, but after Bryce published his friend’s phone number online, a conflict arose between them. The unpleasant situation attracted the attention of the audience and increased the number of followers for both.

During this same period, Bryce Hall became involved in a documentary project called Jawline. In the film, he described his career development and talked about disagreements with his former manager, Michael Wiest.

Hall monetized creativity. On the wave of popularity, the blogger launched his own clothing brand Bryce Hall and chill, and also opened a store selling merch, Party animal shop. In addition, the TikToker is a co-founder of the startup Together with Josh Richards, Bryce is releasing a new brand of energy drinks.

Bryce Hall now

The blogger promotes accounts on TikTok , Instagram, YouTube and Twitter . He collaborates with Josh Richards, Tyler Holder and other popular social media users. By the end of October 2020, the American’s TikTok channel had amassed 14.6 million subscribers, and Hall’s Instagram profile was watched by 6.6 million followers. Bryce is currently working on a financial podcast called Capital University.

In the spring of 2020, Bryce Hall, in the company of Jaden Hossler, was arrested for possession of marijuana. Drugs were seized from media personalities during a road trip to Texas. Hall had about 56.7 g of the substance on him, and Hossler, in addition to marijuana, was hiding 400 g of illegal drugs of a different nature. The bloggers were released on bail of $5 thousand and $6.5 thousand, respectively.

In the summer of 2020, the tiktoker donated $30 thousand to the NAACP organization and participated in Black Lives Matter protests.

Interesting Facts

1: In August 2020, the Department of Water and Electricity stopped servicing Bryce Hall's home for violating restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic. The blogger celebrated his 21st birthday by throwing a party during a period when mass events were prohibited. The TikToker was accused of violating city safety regulations.

2: Bryce has a dog named Chichi


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