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Broken Men

And Winning The Games They Play.

By The Rogue ScribePublished 2 years ago 12 min read
Credit: Min An

They say lions needn’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.

But we can’t always compare human standards to the rules of the animal kingdom. Therefore, I’m here to share why as kings of your own jungle, you definitely should keep an eye out for irrational and unpredictable men.

[Just like before, I’m not going to dig into the broader subject of gender identity at this time.]

Let me begin by saying that I’m all for building people up rather than tearing them down. I speak a lot about acknowledgment versus engagement and you must know this is an engagement piece. Not only because I’m way past the acknowledgment stage, but because it’s time I begin calling out the type of people who have engaged me directly in recent months.

The Signs Are Clear

My position on the whole topic of weak men begins with a simple question: what are some of the traits we normally see?

Well, excluding physical appearances, weak men are usually ego-driven. Prideful, emotionally unstable, and detrimentally unbothered by the idea of introspection. Uninvolved and sometimes even uninterested in participating in their own rescue.

It’s as if they enjoy the fact others have told them that being a ‘product of their surroundings’ is something worth living up to. Instead of breaking the mold, they become it.

Yes, this is a nasty generalization that grossly overlooks other factors such as unwanted mental illness, toxic environments, and more external elements beyond their control. Now, I have no business addressing health-related topics that go way too deep since I’m not a rogue doctor, but I know a thing or two about the rest.

The Modern Broken Man

It’s no secret the world is full of conflict, and it’s one thing to carry a chip on your shoulder and something else entirely to flash it like some badge of honor. Weak men don’t use their shortcomings and limitations as platforms to rise; they use them as anchors for themselves and others.

We all fight tough battles, but weak men are quick to justify their poor judgment on trivialities. While not impossible, it’s really difficult to be kind to someone who is completely blind to the consequences of their actions.

Such is the curse of weak men. See, I can’t let this happen without taking some action of my own. So I’m here to issue a warning for everyone to remain vigilant of others as well as yourself.

I can’t quite put my finger on it just yet, but there’s something happening that’s allowing more men to become comfortably docile and frail. They’re allowing these bad traits to stick out like sore thumbs and in a way, I can’t fully blame them. After all, we live in very difficult times; some might even argue we live in our final days so I’m not too surprised they’re letting themselves go in that manner.

They’re constantly guarded and fearful, like cornered dogs. Starving themselves of trust for others and opting for illogical safety rather than calculated risk.

They’re proudly announcing their bitter presence and letting their anger-filled voices be heard in protest of the battles that have raged on inside their hearts for too long.

The problem here is that they have no specific targets. No clear mission. The world is their enemy… Even if they were 100% justified in their actions, they aimlessly and carelessly unleash their demons against anything and anyone that is a minor inconvenience to them. This will never work.

I face these men on a daily basis but there were two specific encounters where my family and I were in real danger and the patterns I saw couldn’t have made things more clear.

In the first scenario, I had to protect my wife from someone who claimed we “stole” his car since we pulled into the spot where it was taken from.

Call me naive, but I like to think most men, as symbols of strength, would first seek to understand a bad situation if time permits. This wasn’t life or death, and even if it was, I wouldn’t have known since all I heard were wild and baseless accusations hurled at us by a broken man.

Weak men will instantly fly off the rails as opposed to looking over all of the options first, putting greater emphasis on beating their chest at any given chance just to prove their false sense of ‘power’.

This person chose anger instead of dialogue. Fair enough, I’d be angry too if I saw another car parked in my spot and my car was nowhere to be found. But even then, I know it wouldn’t be in my best interest to instantly attack the supposed “culprits” without gathering information first.

I actually tried to help him figure it out at first, but he was so blinded by his own inability to process the situation, that he still decided to go after us - specifically my wife - and I wasn’t going to let that happen.

He kept pacing up and down the sidewalk, threatening to “have me arrested” with no proof, and even bragged about being shot at and imprisoned recently… As if that was somehow supposed to intimidate me.

I held my ground, kept my voice calm but firm, and made a clear line between myself, my property, and my wife. It didn’t take much for him to realize he wasn’t going to cross me; I let my own unpredictability speak for itself and just held eye contact.

You could say the “lion” in him was no match for the “dragon” in me.

After almost a 30-minute tantrum, he finally realized that his shouting and wild accusations weren’t shaking my foundation. This is where the tears began to come out and I finally got what I wanted to know: why was he acting like this?

He broke down, feeling sorry for his shortcomings. He spoke of his own family and finally aimed his anger towards the correct target - in this case, the towing company. He began seeing the bigger picture. Eventually, he came to his senses for long enough so that his friend could come and get him away from me.

Thankfully, my patience lasted the right amount of time for this to end somewhat peacefully.

This entire display made me realize that those weaknesses can become dangerous very rapidly if they’re not diffused quickly. Had I tried to shout back to establish “dominance” or worse, physically attacked him, things might have been much worse. Luckily, I could almost sense the fear in him before I even stepped out of our car, so it was easy for me to bring him down without actually having to do it.

Not every situation will play out like this and you'll see how in this next case.

In a completely different scenario, a man made a small scene at the auto parts store because my wife parked “too close” to him. Let's explore the facts.

First, she was inside the lines with ample walking space in between, so that's not a valid excuse.

Second, he was parked crookedly in a handicap spot. His car had no visible tags or labels indicating a handicap. Now, I could be wrong, but he seemed just fine when I saw him in the store after apparently scolding my wife outside while I was shopping. Takes a real "tough' man to yell at a woman while she's in her car alone.

Third, my wife is talking to me about all of this after I come outside. He had already moved his car to another spot by now. As I’m listening to her, he walks by and begins saying some words of his own. Completely unprovoked, uninvited, and pretty much just to draw attention.

So of course, I gave him the attention he craved.

He kept moving away from me and mumbling things, probably since he realized I wasn’t intimidated. Once again, I stood still and kept my answers short, loud and clear. The only thing I was able to understand after he basically ran back to the safety of his car was that someone apparently crashed into it recently, so he was “upset” that she used the parking spot next to him like she was supposed to.

How were we to blame for something that had nothing to do with us? Who in their right mind goes around blaming and fighting with others because of unrelated, personal misfortunes?

Alright, let’s play that game. Let's say we took the blame. What do you get? All of that for what? A watered-down apology? Pity party? A short-lived ego boost? A band-aid over your emotional hemorrhage? Or maybe just out of enjoyment for pure evil? No. That's not how those things work.

Life may be harder on some instead of others, but the outcomes and patterns of weak, fragile men such as these are usually the same: they bring more needless suffering and complicate our otherwise simple existence.

When life gave them dirt instead of lemons, they chose to see themselves as buried instead of planted. So, what do we do? What can we do?

Helping The Broken Man


We all have our soft spots with an inner boy screaming out for help at times. I don’t want you to mistake this for some “holier than thou” post. I can be and have been as weak as the men I’m describing.

You’re not meant to be perfect, but there are various layers beyond letting this weakness grab hold of your tongues and fists. Even the strongest of men have their moments of weakness, but the keyword here is “moments”. Just blips in comparison to the lifetime of positive influence that men of strength can bring.

So, how do we help them? Well, the rogue in me keeps it simple: leave.

Disengage if at all possible.

I’ve realized one common goal that all weak men share is they want to bury people the same way that they’ve been “buried”. As the saying goes “hurt people hurt people”. What you’ll notice though, is that if you listen long enough and ask the right questions, they’ll only bury themselves into a deeper hole.

It’s good to understand that we all have our weaknesses, but it’s the men who choose to remain weak that are troublesome. You can’t lift them; this is a battle they must fight on their own sometimes and that’s fine - so long as they don’t become a danger to themselves due to total and absolute abandonment. [I’ll cover that topic in the future.]

Now, what if you simply can’t walk away? What if, like me, you have to stand your ground for yourself and your loved ones? If that’s the case then, as I’ve said before, try to speak your truth with as much kindness as possible.

The majority of these battered men are incapable of processing pain and discomfort. So the more pain and discomfort you introduce with your words, the more defensive they’re likely to get.

Men of strength, as kings of their own jungle, don’t need to roar at every hyena that mocks them. I’m not asking you to be completely silent; I’m asking you to be strong in the face of adversity. This begins with filtering your words if you can.

If you’re being accused but have done nothing wrong, state your case calmly. There’s no point to prove, no shouting match to win, no truth other than the outcome of your actions. If someone “feels” you did something to them, you can explain yourself or apologize without confrontation, right? The rest is up to them.

“It’s our duty as people of exemplary character to do everything we can to express ourselves and understand others in more ways than one.”

Through my own learning, I had a thought as wild as the world we live in. It crossed my mind after dealing with all of these insecure, fearful, and frail men.

What if “killing them with kindness” is really useful? What if we, like lions, were boundlessly peaceful and serene in the face of adversity? Can that be a new symbol of absolute strength? The ability to negate aggression and conflict within us?

As days pass, maybe we could learn to become less of a mirror that bounces poor behavior back at others and less of a sponge sucking up our emotions until they spill out. Maybe, a new way of building strength is to become a sort of "black hole" where negative emotions simply disintegrate.

This is all speculation but wouldn't that be something?

Passions, Consequence & You

Of course, if you can’t leave and aren’t allowed to speak calmly and rationally, then there isn’t much of a choice after that. Wild and weak men share one thing with wild and weak animals: the urge to attack and wound at the first sight of discomfort. That’s not something that you have to tolerate for long.

With this in mind, it goes without saying that the only other choice in truly dangerous situations is courage. If you choose to engage and the consequence of your actions has more risk than reward, then reconsider. But if it comes down to it and one lion must bite the other, then make sure the bite takes flesh and bone. There are some lessons that are unfortunately only learned that way.

You Can Lead A Horse To Water…

Weakness shouldn’t be trendy. It’s okay to not be okay at times, only if it’s not being used as the sole excuse to bring other people down. It’s time we encourage introspection and dealing with our demons openly and fearlessly; not just feed them any chance we get.

I don’t mean this to apply to real victims of injustice, suffering, or chaos in general. This is for those who use their personal pain and unwarranted hatred against unsuspecting, innocent people. It’s for the kind of men that raise bullies, abusers, and criminals. The kind of men that watch endless video loops encouraging petty behavior instead of learning how to integrate their shadow more effectively. The kind of cowards that wind up becoming mass murderers due to their ignorance and intolerance.

By establishing trust and defining intent, lions should absolutely concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. That is, in the sense of learning from their mistakes, not following them.

It would be a great advantage to keep an eye out for this as we continue to trudge through this dream we call life. You can help the weak fight their battles, but ultimately they’re the only ones who can win them.

In the meantime, watch their patterns and guide them out of the kindness of your heart. If weak men truly desire to pick up their pieces, eventually they will.

Your goal is to continue projecting king-like energy in as many ways as possible. Stay sharp.

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