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Bowling Date


By Bethany SneedPublished 5 years ago 2 min read

My worst date was a date with the guy that I thought liked me. I have had some pretty made dates, but this one was so bad I pretty much forgot about it. Let's start at the beginning and let's call this guy Fred.

Fred and I were co-workers and friends with benefits. Fred worked mornings and I worked in the afternoon. We had a few times where we didn't want to deal with each other. We made a bet, that bet was if I quit smoking he would take me on a date. That date changed everything for both of us.

I was just finishing my shift at work when he texted me asking if I wanted to go bowling. I ended up going and regretting it. I had to pay for my own shoes and snacks. I didn't want to bowl and was told that was fine. When I got there, I was then told that I had to bowl or leave. It was him and two of his friends. We did a game and then another girl joined. I thought it was weird that he invited us both. He ended up paying for her shoes and stuff. I left and the next day I found out a lot about that night. The girl also worked at the same place we did. Fred told me at first that it was a date, but when I left he told me that it wasn't a date.

She and I ran into each other and we both apologized and figured out what had happened. We became close friends. We figured out he was playing us both and he had a double date with us at the same time. He didn't think we would figure out that he was seeing us both or that we would both show up. We both told Fred that we no longer wanted to talk to him or see him. He did tell the other girl that I was crazy and that he had never done anything with me. We avoided each other like the plague. He didn't seem to upset when we figured it out.

I thought that I had gone through enough guys that were no good, but I was clearly wrong. My friends never liked him. He kept me a secret and when I was hurt he never even seen it. My best friend at the time asked if I was pregnant in the break room at work from across a huge room. Fred and I were hanging out one night she posted something about it and I got really upset for two reasons. One reason was, that she posted it online. Two was he didn't want to be seen with me in public and so we walked around separately. When I saw that post I went and sat somewhere by myself and when Fred couldn't see me he left. He didn't call or text to see where I was or even look for me he just left.

That was the worst date we both had ever been on. Later down the road, I found out that he had started dating my cousin when she started working there. He never apologized to either of us. Now my cousin has his baby, his like fifth kid. There were rumors that he was a player, but I didn't think too much about them until I realized he played me.



About the Creator

Bethany Sneed

I always wanted to express myself in writing but never knew how. I have alot of history that I never knew I would have at 21 years old.

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