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Birds of the same feather

by Sherry jackson 2 months ago in dating
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Subtle destiny

I arrived around noon on Friday in Ohio and was excited about my week end away from my mundane job as a reference librarian. I had plans just to relax and refresh my energy.

Through my research I had found

this place. So I rented a quaint small cottage in the woodlands on the edge of town.

It was a cozy little place which welcomed me with a blazing fire to keep the chill out of the air in the living room. There was a small kitchen and two bedroom with a fairylike back yard filled with sweet smelling flowers and herbs.

I had smartly arranged for meals to be delivered each day so I didn’t have cook.

After taking a long soaking bath with candles lit all around me I put on my white silk pajamas and I laid down on the big comfortable Soft bed.

Then I thought I heard a noise downstairs. I thought to myself it must be the wind outside. Then there was a crash! Afraid I took a lamp and

cautiously and slowly went down the stairs.

I went onto the Kitchen where the noise was coming from and to my relief and surprise I saw a lovely yellow cat sitting on the floor.

I’m a cat person and I always had a cat when I was growing up.

The cat had knocked over a couple of glasses and they lay broken on the floor.

How did you get in here? , I asked her as though she could answer me.

I looked around and I saw the pet entrance near the back door.

Oh I thought to myself, the owner didn’t tell me that a cat lived here in the agreement. Luckily I didn’t mind.

I picked the furry creature up rubbing her as she friendly meowed and got some food from one of my ready made dinners in the refrigerator and gave her something to eat.

Then I took her upstairs with me

and we both fell asleep beside each other.

When I woke the next morning I didn’t see the cat any where. So I hurried and dressed went to look for her.

I walked just a few blocks and was almost going to give up when I saw a house with a sign out front. Announcing it was a Bed and Breakfast.

The cat was cat sitting in the Inn’s window.

I went inside and told the front desk that the cat in the window belonged to the house down the street and so I was taking it home.

Then a dashing tall young man came from the back. He was tall slim but not too slim and beneath his curly black hair he had striking brown friendly eyes that smiled as he talked to me.

Oh you must be the lady renting the Thomas place. Their cat often

comes here to visit. You see, he tuned to show me why. Another cat furry and white cane from under a chair. The two cat rub against each other.

Oh I see- I said.

We both laughed.

The cat is perfectly safe here and it usually will wanders back home, so you don’t have to worry.

Then a couple came in with their bags to check in at the front desk. The lady was excitedly talking to her companion about some kind of bird festival.

He saw I was listening and began to elaborate on what she was saying.

Oh this town is famous for it’s birdwatching. People come from everywhere each year in May to celebrate the return of the Warbler! It is the spring songbird migration.

The festival last for ten days so looks like you came at the right time!

He replied to the question in my eyes.

Great I thought to myself- there goes my quiet days of relaxation.

Why you must come and join in.

I will be your personal guide if you don’t mind? He asked me..

Even though it wasn’t what I had plan - I was drawn to him in some mysterious way and found myself saying casually

Why sure as I agreed with a smile.

We can go on a hike and then there will be food and dancing so wear comfortable shoes.

Alright I said and looked into his sparkling eyes and told him I would meet him tomorrow.

That night I kept thinking about him. Every other thought was about him. There was something about him - something that made him different then anyone I had ever met. What ever it was I liked him and knew i was very attracted to him. I could still feel his warm vibrations covering me..

The next day I dressed in a cool green blouse, shorts and the right shoes. With our back packs on our backs we began our walk in the woods.

Everything was beautiful!

There were all kinds of birds in the trees. There was even a wood pecker!

Many people were on the same trail. They had their binoculars up to their eyes and chatting with so much excitement in their voices as they took notes and photos.

We suddenly came to a meadow filled with wildflowers. We decide to stop and take a rest

He showed me two birds making a nest.

It was sunny but not too warm. We sat on on the grass and took out some snacks to eat.

I love this place. Most of all I think it’s the birds. When I was younger a bird flew down by me and I felt in love with the creature- so I took over the Inn as my parents retired in New Mexico.

I smiled up at him looking into his eyes and we both paused unable to look away from each other- until a loud bird quaking came flying overhead.

The spell was broken and we continued our journey.

We caned to a brook with racing water and when he took my hand to help me cross a warm sensation went all though my body.

It made me stumble and I fell in his arms.

The magnetic pull between us was growing stronger as I felt myself slowly surrendering to a feeling I had never felt before.

I quickly pushed myself away from him but the damage was done. Something had happen! We both knew felt it as I could see when I looked into his eyes.

The sun had set and street lights were glowing when we finally made it in town. There was crowds of people, playing games laughing and having fun. We went to the bird identifying session and both got bird tattoos .

We ate the delicious food that was placed on a long table

for everyone. The live band began to play a song that we both knew and liked so we began singing the words together.

He offered his hand and we danced wildly to the fast beat. Our dance wasn’t the latest but it seemed we grew up around the same time so the swing was what we did.

Are you having fun yet? He jokingly asked me.

Yes oh yes indeed I am! I bellowed above the loud music.

We laughed and he whirled me around- then the music turned to a slow romantic love song.

We both stopped looked into each other’s eyes and my body and soul seem to surrender to him as I fell gracefully into his arms. It felt so natural and familiar. Hei pulled me closer to him and we seen to merge into one.

The feeling, the closeness of him was too whelming and I pulled away from him and walked off toward the wooded area close by.

He followed. I leaned against a tree to give me support. I felt him behind me the warmth of his body touching mine. He turned me around and his mouth found mine.

I had never been kissed like that before and a longing desire for him came instantly alive.

He pushed me away so he could look in my eyes.

There is something between us that we both can’t denied!

I knew in my heart he was telling the truth for I wanted him and for the first time in my life knew I needed someone-I needed him.

He put him arms around me as whispered in my ear.

I never want to stop holding you —having you near me.

Then we kissed again. This time it was long and passionate.

That was the beginning of our awakening love for each other.

Six months later we said our eternal vows under the tall green forest trees covered with white snow among family and friends.

I wore a white velvet hooded cloak over my flowing wedding dress. It was late afternoon and the sinking sun cast long shadows on the blankets of Piled up snow and lit up all it touched with a golden hue.

Later we danced at the Reception in our bed and breakfast.

He pointed to the cats who were in the wedding as they were being serve a special meal and we looked at them and laughed.

After all we knew it was the cats that had help us find our destiny together.

In our lives we were seeking each other. With the help of the long silky ribbon of eternal love we found each other.

After waving good bye to everyone riding away in our black carriage decked out with evergreens pulled by a gallery white horse, we shared a lingering kiss in celebration of the beginning of our wonderful life together as Mr. and Mrs.



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