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Big Girls and Big Guys

by Jescina Miller 4 years ago in dating
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Bigger Girls, Bigger Guys.

You know what I don’t like? When people look down on a couple because their girlfriend or boyfriend is bigger than me. You know what I don’t like even more than that? They look down more on the guy for being with a bigger girl than they would if it was a smaller girl dating a bigger guy.


Be proud of who you are with. It doesn’t matter if they are bigger than you or smaller than you. As long as you love them and are happy, that is what matters!

Don’t be ashamed of being with a bigger girl or guy. Make them feel just as loved and important as they make you feel. If your friends make fun because you are with a bigger person, then I say they aren’t truly your friend. Because friends don’t make fun of who you date. They lift you up and are happy for you.

Confidence on both sides of the relationship matters. If you feel like your partner needs a boost, then give it to them. Boost their confidence and tell them that you are happy and love them at whatever size they choose, want, or are.

I’ve heard of closeted guys who are into bigger girls but they don’t date them because they are afraid of what their friends and family might say. I say screw that! Don’t be afraid to be happy. If bigger girls are what you are into, then love the chub!

Closeted guys and girls who are afraid to come out and say, “I like bigger girls/guys.” It’s time! It’s time to rip the band aid off and go for it. If someone has a problem with it, then tell them straight up, “This is what I like. You can get over it or under it but I’m not changing who I like or who I’m into.”

Stand up for yourself!

I have always heard don’t be afraid to be yourself. That doesn’t just apply to being who you are as a person. But it applies to who you are into as well.

There has always been people to look down on who you are with, that’s not just with weight. But how they dress or if they have on makeup just right or if they smell like they need to. But the biggest part of getting backlash if for dating a bigger person.

Here is how to cope with the backlash:

  1. Overlook it.
  2. Be confident in yourself.
  3. Friends aren’t friends if they make fun of who you’re with.
  4. Show the love and the love will be shown back to you.
  5. Don’t take their crap!
  6. Be happy!
  7. Stand up for you and your partner.
  8. Communication is KEY.
  9. Stand by one another through the hard times.

It isn’t a bad thing if you like bigger people. You are into what you are into. You can’t change that. As much as you’d probably want to, just to fit in. You can’t. Fitting in is overrated anyways. Be yourself, be who you want to be with, and love that relationship. Don’t be ashamed of who you are with.

Come out if that closet and go for who you're into!

Are you a closeted big girl/big guy lover? Look for people who support that and can help you find your way. Help you not be ashamed of what you’re into and yourself. Share your love of who you are into. Don’t be AFRAID! Mainstream is boring. Be the badass and unique couple. Be different.


About the author

Jescina Miller

I am twenty-four years old and live in Tennessee. I love writing. I am an author. I enjoy word search. I long for people to be kinder to each other. Intimacy is more than just sex.

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