Best Dating Apps for Open Relationships

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Need the best app to meet up with other people while you're currently in a relationship? Consider checking out any of these helpful dating apps for open relationships right now.

Best Dating Apps for Open Relationships

Having an open relationship with someone can lead to many things. If you and your partner are okay with being together, and still want to see other people, then the two of you are in an open relationship. This usually leads to a third person entering the relationship or you and your partner are both seeing other people while still fully committed to each other. In fact, people who are in a successful polyamorous relationship seek for a third party to join them. Either for sex or possibly a loving relationship.

And there are many couples out there who are searching for that third person, but find it difficult to. There are reasons why many of these couples hesitate to go around and search in person. But what better way to find other people to date while you're currently with someone than dating apps? Through dating apps, there are all types of people who are on the hunt for specific relationships to be in. From finding their soulmate, to casually hooking up in an open relationship, test out any of these amazing dating apps for open relationships now!

The majority of us know Tinder and its magical ways to help us find someone we want to date or just fuck for one night. For those who are in open relationships and want a third party or the two of you want to find someone to meet up with, Tinder is a great source to help you two. While there are 20 billion matches as of today, it's nearly impossible for you not to match with someone.

With Tinder, you can match, chat with the person, and eventually meet up! And so many single people are on this app looking for a great time or their soulmate. You can swipe left to pass or right if you like someone! It makes looking for someone an easier and painless process, rather than having to scroll through people's profiles.

Among the greatest dating apps for open relationships, PolyFinda is also many people's favorite when it comes to finding someone to date. However, this is an app that's specifically designed for those who are in open relationships and want a third party or other people to meet up with. Since there are many people who can't comprehend the idea of an open relationship, PolyFinda is an app where everyone understands the concept and are also really intrigued by the idea and hope to try it out.

Seen as an app that’s not for cheaters or for other secret affairs, those who are seeking more than one partner should definitely use this. It’s a more open and ethical way for those in an open relationship. Users of this app can find ideal partners through photo face matching. Plus, there are more detailed personal search criteria, which includes geographic location. You can also start live chats and send emails to someone you believe would be the perfect match for you and your partner!

Bumble is an app where you can, overall, find new and interesting people to meet. Whether you're looking for friends, someone to date, or be part of your open relationship, Bumble is the perfect app for that. If you want a genuine connection, I highly suggest this app. Many people who've used it can agree with me that it can help anyone who wants a true connection with someone.

Bumble is designed to lift the stigma of online dating through employing unprecedented standards for respectful behavior. Meaning that everything on this app shows genuine people and not just people who want to fuck and nothing else. And millions of people are using this app to receive valuable relationships everyday!

Whether you're into polyamory or want to find your soulmate, Feeld is among the best dating apps for open relationships. This is a great app where single people are willing to join a third-party relationship. However, this is a more interesting dating app to get into.

In this app, no real names are needed. This means you can be as open as you want without being exposed. However, it’s for only Facebook-verified members only. But you’re still invisible to your Facebook friends—it’s basically an anonymous dating app. You can date with your partner or solo and meet up with new people. While listing your interests and desires, you can also check out other people’s interests to see if they’re the right partner for you!

Get noticed with OkCupid! While it's one of the useful dating apps for open relationships, you can easily match up with partners through this app. For those in open relationships and who want to see more of the person before deciding if they're the right one, this app shows who everyone really is beyond their photo.

Through rich profiles that are chock-full of the person's interests, personality traits, and desires, you can easily figure out your potential partner with OkCupid. You can also see who likes you without having to like them back. With search filters and other additional options, this free app can help you and your partner out in finding the right partner for the two of you.

While a conversation is where it all starts, POF is like any other dating app that helps anyone find their potential partner. For those who are single or in an open relationship, this app allows you to enter a conversation within the first 24 hours of joining the app. And you’ll be able to find your right partner in no time with POF!

With their advanced matching algorithm, you can view your matches easily as well as sort by last online and even the newest users. You can also send and receive unlimited messages for free. In addition, there are tons of other features for you to check out and will benefit your searching for a potential third partner.

With three million messages being sent on the daily, eight million verified photos, and 40 million members across the globe, Zoosk is among the greatest dating apps for open relationships right now. While searching for a date can be a struggle to do with the amount of people out there, this app can filter and separate your potential people with those that don’t match your interests. Also, this is an amazing app for those who are in open relationships and want to find other people to date or allow a third person into their relationship!

The Personalized SmartPick feature shows people that are based on your likes and preferences. Zoosk also verifies members to submit their video selfies in order to confirm that they look like their photos. You know, so someone doesn’t get catfished. And this app is a quicker way to meet new people who can possibly be your soulmate or third partner in your open relationship.

Want to find a safer and more accurate way to meet new people? Badoo is among the best dating apps for open relationships to try out now. If you're in an open relationship and want to find new people to meet up with, Badoo can certainly help you out in finding the right person for you. Since there are many dating apps that don't mention that they're a safe app, Badoo assures you that they're 100 percent safe in what they do.

Trusted by over 340 million people, and still counting, it’s nearly impossible for you not to find your perfect match! You can meet up with people who are by you or even people you’ve bumped into. While this app has regular updates with new features to test out, Badoo has one of the strongest verification systems out there. Which means that you’ll never, ever be catfished! And that’s definitely something we don’t want when searching for a third potential partner in our open relationship.

Ever heard of the dating site Match? This is their app and it's seen to be one of the all-time best dating apps for open relationships ever. On the Match app, there are tons and tons of single individuals out there who are looking for all types of relationships. From real to casual relationships, there are also people who are looking to be in an open relationship with two people. And you can get matches literally everyday!

Searching is a breeze with this app since it can filter out your interests and desires. You can quickly decline or accept people with Mixer and never miss a connection with notifications flooding your smartphone! You can find perfect matches with people who are nearby you and hopefully find you and your partner's potential match.

Finally, from the greatest dating apps for open relationships out there is eharmony. Nearly everyone knows or has heard of eharmony and it's certainly an amazing app that can immediately connect people with their ideal partner. As for one of the most trusted dating apps there is, you can easily meet single people who are looking to be in a third-party relationship.

While the app takes the time to get to know you, it'll swiftly pair you up with multiple people, and it believes any of them can be your ideal partner. Through their interests and desires, you'll never go a day without eharmony matching you up with someone. You and your partner will certainly be happy when using eharmony, since it's a trustworthy app that has the ability to pair you two up with a potential partner!

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