Being Single

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Stay single instead of accepting half-hearted love

Being Single

I will soon warn that this text is style those magazines of women half cheesy, but that everyone likes! Who can stand to live with a half-hearted love? I tell you, many! I myself have succumbed to “before accompanied by more than just”. Do you know when this ends? When you meet a man with a capital H, those who honor the pants they wear ... but that is a theme for another text (wait).

It is better to keep your weekends free than 6:00 pm on Saturday looking at whats app and wondering if the guy is going to call you programming something or if he already has plans that obviously don't include you.

It is better to take a break from relationships for a while than to spend all your time examining his confused signals to find out how he secretly feels about you.

It is better to delete it from your contact list than to receive a surprise message from him after a 45-day disappearance, asking you to leave because he is supposed to miss you.

Of course, if you are in the mood for something ephemeral, a midnight affair (all night will be for the article of men with “H”), go ahead, play!

If he loved you the way you should be loved, he would never need to say he missed you by a message. Instead of giving him that pseudo compliment, he would show up at your door with a pizza and a wine. He would be present. He would be there.

As much as you love flirting and flattery, that's not enough. It's not enough that he likes your Instagram photos. It is not enough to send a text message at two in the morning. Don't just start something casual with yourself without going all the way.

Stay single, because a guy who honestly cares about you would never make you wait for a text message, a call or a relationship label. He would never settle for one almost or sometimes, because he would like one forever.

Stay single, because a relationship shouldn't be a competition from who can care less. It must be a chance for you both to act according to what one wants and the other accepts. There is a chance for you to show your authentic self.

Stay single, because you deserve someone who strives to see you and book weekends with you. Someone who will make a real effort to see you and will not send you a “missing hello”.

Stay single, because you shouldn't have to get answers from him. You shouldn't have to leave a million tips to convince him to take you to the movies. You shouldn't have to teach him how to treat you right.

He should want to pamper her. He should have wanted to see your smile. He should want to be the best boyfriend he can be, because he knows that you are the best girlfriend he could ever get.

If he doesn't try hard in the relationship, but accepts all the love you have for him, then you deserve to live to spare. You are destroying your self-esteem, you are worth the tips he gives you.

Stay single, because you are not the only one who should be concerned if the relationship falls apart or lasts. You shouldn't feel like you're the one you love the most.

Stay single, because you deserve more than that effort to be half.

You deserve a whole love.

Aroma Angel
Aroma Angel
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