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Beach Insecurities.

Prompt: Damon rents a beach house for him and his two best friends, Sam and Gabe. What happens when Sam doesn't want to go swimming because he's insecure about his weight. And there’s a shark because sharks are cool.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Beach Insecurities.
Photo by Nariman Mesharrafa on Unsplash

Beach Insecurities.

Prompt: Damon rents a beach house for him and his two best friends, Sam and Gabe. What happens when Sam doesn't want to go swimming because he's insecure about his weight. And there’s a shark because sharks are cool.


"Damon, thank you so much for letting us come here," Gabe says with a smile. Sam just nods and smiles as well.

"It is no problem, you all are my best friends after all," Damon says with a smile.

"We should go to the beach and go swimming," Gabe says, jumping up and down like a little kid.

"Woah, Woah, slow your role. We still need to unpack," Sam says laughing at the smaller boy’s crazy antics. Gabe stops jumping and drags his suitcase into the beach house. He looked around and his eyes went wide. Gabe quickly picks the biggest bed and lies down on it.

"I call this one!" Gabe screams. Which makes both taller boys cover their ears. Gabe was loud.

"I'll get the bottom bunk," Sam says, sitting on the bottom bunk right next to Gabe’s bed.

"I'll get the top one then," Damon says putting his things down on the floor.

"Let us go to the beach now," Damon says with a smile. The two nod in agreement.

"Let me go change," Sam says, walking over to the bathroom.

"Okay, don't take long!" Gabe says with a sweet smile. Sam goes into the bathroom to change. Damon takes off his shirt and goes to put it in a corner. Gabe watches him carefully.

"Watch-a looking at Gabe?" Damon asks, with a grin.

"You have freckles on your chest as well?" Gabe says, tilting his head to the side, like a lost puppy.

"Yes I do Gabe great observation," Damon says sarcastically.

"Thank you," Gabe says with a smile. Gabe puts on his swim trunks and a shirt.

"I am going to go check on Sam, you go reserve us a spot on the beach," Gabe says, with a sweet smile. Damon just nods and walks out the door of the beach house, with a bag. The bag contained some snacks, sunscreen, water, sodas, towels, an umbrella, and a beach ball. Basically, your beach necessities. Damon laid out the towels, put the umbrella up, and then sat on one of the towels under the umbrella. And waited for his two best friends.

Time skip, well not really. Time skip to Gabe and Damon. Time skip brought to you by, density being dense.

"Sam, you okay?" Gabe says knocking on the bathroom door. He hears a sniff and then Sam says

"Yeah," in a voice-shaking voice.

"Are you sure Sam? If you are not okay, that is fine too. We all have bad days," Gabe says in a comforting tone of voice. Sam does not say anything but lets out a shaking breath.

"Whenever you are ready, you may come out," Gabe says in a sweet tone voice. Sam sighs knowing Gabe would not leave him alone. He had to face him. Sam opened the bathroom door and was wrapped into a big hug.

"Would you like to talk about it?" Gabe says with a kind smile. Sam sighs.

"Ever since I was little, everyone would judge me for being different. All the kids were what society calls skinny. And I was not skinny, I have always been that one fat kid-," Sam’s statement was interrupted by tears starting to fall out of his eyes.

"Aww, Sweetie. It's okay to be different, that is what makes us unique from one another. If we were all the same height, same weight, same eye color, same hair texture or color, and basically the same everything, the world would be very boring. In my opinion, your body is perfect. Perfect for hugs, perfect for sleeping on, perfect for cuddling and so much more,"

"Gabe!" Sam yells all flustered.

"Anyways. Your beautiful just the way you are and I don't want you to ever change," Gabe says kissing his friend's forehead in a friendly manner.

"Thank you, Georgie, your one of the greatest friends I could ask for," Sam says and hugs Gabe even tighter.

"Let us go to the beach with Damon," Gabe says, and like that the two walked out the front door.

Time skip to the three of them on the beach, because I can do that.

"Took y'all long enough," Damon says getting out of the water.

"Sorry I was just making sure Sam felt comfortable," Gabe says as he takes off his shirt.

"It’s fine," Damon says with a smile.

"Come on, let's all get in the water," Sam says taking off his shirt. The three get into the water.

"Let us have a chicken fight," Gabe said with a huge smile.

"Gabe we only have three people, you need a minimum of four people to play," Damon says with a quick grin.

"Well Sam and I can be on one team and you can be on a team," Gabe says with a smile.

"That's not fair-,"

"Yes it is, you are like ten-foot and three inches, so shut up," Gabe says sarcastically.

"Let's do this," Gabe says excitedly. Both boys laugh.

“What if there is a shark in the water?” Sam said and Gabe was quick to jump on Damon. Damon would get eaten first since he was taller and Gabe would have time to run away.

“I see a fin,” Sam said and he backed out of the water. Gabe somehow managed to crawl up higher on Damon.

“Sam do not play with me, is there actually a shark in the water?” Gabe asked as he looked up. Damon looked down and he took something out of the water.

“It’s a baby,” Damon said holding the shark out of the water. Gabe jumped off Damon and onto the sand. Damon put it back in the water.

“I hate you all,” Gabe said and Damon and Sam laughed.

And just like that our story ends. Damon, Gabe, and Sam all have a wonderful time at the beach and Sam is now comfortable in his own skin.


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Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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