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Be careful with your attitude

Be kind with others

By stephanie cetoutePublished about a year ago 3 min read
Be careful with your attitude
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Samantha was living with her grandmother. She is very beautiful and talented. Everyone admired her. Because of that, she is very mean and arrogant.

Everyone was scared of her. She is very popular in her area. No man can approach her. Samantha loves money and she believes in appearance. One day, A guy approach her to ask for direction. She ignores the guy and curses at him.

The guy feels bad and left right away. Samantha went to a party where there are rich people and celebrities hanging out. She was dancing and enjoying her time at the party.

A handsome gentleman came to her and ask her to dance. She accepted and pass the rest of the night with the guy. When the party was done. The guy drops her at her house. They exchanged numbers and he left.

The next day, the guy called her and they begin to talk. Every day, the guy gives her a lift to go to work and come back with her. The guy has an interest in her. He send flowers to her and invited her to go to lunch. They became closer and have a good relationship.

The guy was with her when someone accidentally throw water on her shirt. She was screaming and slapping the person. His boyfriend was choke to see her reaction.

The guy was mad and drop her off and left without saying words. Samantha called him but he did not answer. It took him two days before she answered Samantha's phone.

Samantha apologized and give him her words that she will never do that again. His boyfriend accepted and continue with the relationship. She decides to go to his boyfriend's house for the weekend.

When she get there, she was knocking at the door no one was there to open it. She had waited for a while when someone finally came. She did not greet the person. She started to shout at her and slap the poor woman on her face.

The woman was crying and she entered the house. At that time his boyfriend was not there. She was ordering people around and giving them trouble.

When his boyfriend came back. Samantha was happy to see him. He went upstairs to take shower and sit at the table together to eat. His husband called her mother to eat with them and presented his girlfriend.

Her mother came and Samantha was shocked because she did not know that the woman was her mother-in-law to be. His boyfriend told her mother that this woman is his girlfriend. Her mother left with tears in her eyes.

He did not understand and run to her mother. Her mother explained everything to him. His boyfriend was mad and throw her stuff outside and told her to live his house immediately.

Samantha asks for forgiveness. She was crying. His boyfriend did not listen to her word. She left with regret.

When she gets home, her mother asks what happen. You suppose to stay there for the weekend. Samantha went straight to bed and she did not answer her mother.

Samantha call him several times. She has no choice but to tell her mother the truth. Her mother was angry at her. She always told her to be kind and respectful. Your attitude toward everybody can make you lose good things in your life. You never listen.

Now, you see how you lose a good man. Samantha begs her mother to talk to him behind her back. His boyfriend told her mother that Samantha's attitude towards her mother was bad. He will never forgive her. My mother is my everything, nobody has the right to put a finger on her face. He made it clear to Samantha's mother that the relationship is over.

Her mother told her everything. Samantha realized that she was wrong and started to be kind, patient, and tolerant toward people. She decided to move on and take some classes to control her temper.


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stephanie cetoute

My name is Stephanie. My passion is express myself by writing. Come and enjoy my story .Follow me on Instagram Kenley206 and Tik tok stephanie cetoute1.

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  • Marie Cadette Pierre-Louisabout a year ago

    Kindness is the key! Great work.

  • Ashlie Crossabout a year ago

    *Your attitude toward everyone can make you lose good things in life* ^^^^ This <3

  • A very good story of the need to be kind to everyone

  • J. S. Wadeabout a year ago

    I like the story line. Is this a translation? Advice: Use words that show not tell. Like, “In anger, she struck the woman’s face and the slap echoed through the house.” Keep writing.

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