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Dating: Do's & Don'ts

Avoid Him Like Plaque If He Does These 8 Things, He's Love Bombing You

by isaac wanyonyi 3 months ago in advice

Signs He Won't Settle Down With You

Avoid Him Like Plaque If He Does These 8 Things, He's Love Bombing You
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What is love bombing?

Love bombing is the most manipulative dating trend. Just like a wolf in a sheep skin. Lies take a bigger share of your relationship but because you feel loved you you’ll want the whole neighborhood to know all the awesome stuff your guy does to you.

This character is mostly portrayed by narcissists who once in a while or frequently drop “bombs” coated with love and affection especially in the early stages of the relationship. Unknowingly to you, you’ll have sunk dip in love with no single straw left for you to clutch on in your drowning times. You’ll be totally hooked and drunk in love.

Are you a victim? Read on…

1. From step 1 to 1000. Everything moves really quickly.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for a smooth ride. In the first few weeks, praises of how beautiful, charming and perfect will not cease. You’ll be made the queen of the land and your name written alongside your kings’ surname, Mr and Mrs Scot.

2. Almost everything you say angers him.

Angry man

No REAL man will agree with you on each and everything you say or want. Not even with his own mother. “Is this dress nice?” “Yes.” “Take me to the salon.” “Yes. Straight away.” You are in for a shocker and you should be ready to embrace it…

3. You’re talking about the future, way into the future.

In three weeks’ time you have a surname. Definitely you’re moving in, road trips, hiking, spending every second of your time together, a million dollar engagement ring or marriage. Perhaps you don’t know his parents or siblings, what profession he does (maybe he lied to you to hook you up), what are his likes and don’ts or his siblings. A big shocker is awaiting you my sister. He is a love bomber.

4. You’re showered with all sorts of gifts and affection.

You can’t remember when he last came home without a “surprise!” Be it flowers, a nice dress, your favorite snack or complements. He plays his game “cool, calm and collected”. He’ll do anything possible both in private or public to grab your attention.

5. You talk ALL the time.

Brace yourself with a travel charger or a power bank wherever you go because your phone will have messages trickling in all the time. He’ll text you good morning and good evening, how he already misses you, how he’s thinking of you, how fascinating you were on that date, how you are beautiful without giving you time to reply.

A gentleman will give you reasonable space but a narcissist will look for you on all platforms, Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram just to seem he cares. But since you are hooked and still on cloud nine, it sounds cool. But down the line you should start smelling a rat. He’s out to control you.

You brag to your girlfriends how your dream man is treating you and that’s exactly how every lady wants it done. The trap awaiting you won’t let you even wink your eye. He’s watching you approach it from a distance.

6. He drops the flattering “love” in early, and often.

It takes time to start tugging the “I love you” word in your sentences. But when this comes fast, it is a timer awaiting the explosion.

The love bomb dance is characterized by such actions in the early phase of your relationship.

7. The honeymoon phase ends sooner than expected.

The “I love you” texts start to dwindle as though you were never together at all. The affection you used to get is reciprocated with harsh insults. Your shoulder to lean on no longer provides the comfort you were accustomed to. It becomes a nightmare.

Physical and emotional abuse slowly cripple in your life. They know you will still want to hang on since you are glued and can’t want to lose you love so easily.

8. There seems to be no red flags at all.

Thoughts of your superman linger in your head 24/7 365. Your friends can’t settle because of your endless bragging on how lucky you are to have found a prince charming.

But heck, “When the deal is too sweet, think twice.” Open your inner eyes. Your mister right is about to unleash his claws and pounce on you in no time. Little will you realize because it will look normal at first, but my dear sister seconds on the bomb are less than ten. A gentleman will retract and apologize but a love bomber WON”T.

Is there a solution for love bombings?

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to crumble from cloud nine into a world of oblivion. You’ll gather all strength to win back your mister right but a love bomber sticks to his lane. He is and will never exist.

If you will read I between lines and identify any of the above red flags in your relationship, you are hundred percent sure you are dealing with a love bomber. It is heart wrenching and soul exhausting because looking back at all the goodies and affection you got and the heart break you are in right now. It’s unimaginable in that you don’t know if you will get a peck or an emotional punch.

Learning how to identify the warning signs and walking out in such a relationship should be the first thing. Breaking free from an abusive relationship save you from heart break. Follow up with grieving; it can be compared to death, because the prince charming is no more.

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