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Asked To The Dance

by Patrick Bramer 3 months ago in dating
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Dreams do come true

Asked To The Dance
Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

She handed me the note smiled and said she had to hurry to her next class. I said OK and proceeded on to my class. As I sat down, I opened the letter and my heart sunk into what she said. The letter started out the same hi, but then she immediately got into what the letter was about. It said, “I just got asked out to the dance.” I let out a big sigh and immediately got looks from my classmates and the teacher. I didn’t want to read more. I didn’t want to hear (or read) that Jackie was going to go to the dance with another guy. I wanted to be the person to go with her. I waited about 15 minutes with not reading the letter but then temptation built too much and I had to see what more she wrote. To my jubilation, she proceeded in saying that she didn’t want to go to the dance with the person who asked her, but she didn’t know how to tell him that. Whew! Ok so she was asked but she apparently didn’t tell him yes or no but she is, from what I am understanding, going to say no to him. That was going to be a relief.

Throughout the day we passed notes in the hallway “discussing” what she should do about the person who asked her to the dance. I finally got the nerve to tell her in the last note that I passed to her that I would take her to the dance. I know, that was kind of lame asking her to dance in a letter. What can I say, I am a big chicken. I reassured her that if she went with me, she could tell this other guy that she is already going to the dance, that way it wouldn’t make him feel bad. I made a pretty good argument, I think.

I was really nervous the next time I was to see her. I didn’t know what her response was going to be from me asking her to the dance in a LETTER. Every time I say it out loud it just sounds wrong. Oh well, time will tell here in a bit as the day is winding down and soon the school day will be over.

The final second hits the clock and the school bell rings for the end of class. I debated whether or not to rush to my locker, grab my stuff, and just leave so that I don’t have to face Jackie from the stupid note I gave her when I asked her to the dance or should I just bite the bullet and meet up with her. I bit the bullet because I eventually would have to face her. It’s not something that is going to go away without some type of discussion.

I got up from my seat and made my way to the locker. Sure enough, there was Jackie waiting at my locker. When I came up to her, I spoke to her before she could get any words out and I apologized for asking her to the dance, especially in a letter. I let her know that I was just kidding. After I told her I was just kidding, she immediately had a disappointing look on her face and she said that it was actually a great idea. Wow!! The prettiest girl in school actually wants to go to the dance with me. I immediately stepped over my words and told her I was just kidding about the kidding of the dance. I don’t know what I’m saying at this point because none of it makes any sense. I admitted to her that after giving her the note where I asked her to the dance, I thought I had made a mistake that you would flat out say no and I wouldn’t know how to handle that type of rejection. She understood my concerns but still wanted to go to the dance regardless. I was obviously on cloud nine with that type of response. Time to plan for the dance.


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