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Are you Looking for the Best Ways to Navigate Life’s Ups and Downs

Don't Wait for a Happy Ending - Keep Your Story Moving to Get There!

By Lynne BlackPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Are you Looking for the Best Ways to Navigate Life’s Ups and Downs
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Are you looking for the best ways to navigate life’s ups and downs? Though we cannot predict certain things that happen in our lives; we can be better prepared to tackle something unexpected that could help if an emergency occurs.

Best Ways to Navigate Life’s Ups and Downs

Whether there is a death in your family or a disaster strikes; it’s important to be able to make a decision that could help ourselves and our family.

In the first place, our brains tend to be crowded with all kinds of thoughts. Due to this, we all tend to overthink certain things.

At the same time, sometimes things that happen at work, our personal relationships, and other things that happen beyond our control; can move us into a negative headspace. For instance, if something happens at work; does it impact your ability to finish a project? Or, perhaps you are frazzled by a change at work.

When things either at work or in your personal life unravel; it’s important to pay attention to our emotions.

Of course, living your best life helps you improve not only the quality of your life; but also helps you in the future.

So, if you are looking to make changes to improve your self-image; be sure to visit my How to Build a Better Image Week post for tips on identifying things you would like to improve.

Navigate Life’s Ups and Downs – A Healthy Approach to Life

When life gives you lemons; make lemonade! Indeed, we have all heard this quote a bunch of times. When something happens that is out of our control; there are certain things we can do to get back on track. For example, the best way to handle a negative situation is to step back.

By stepping back, you are taking the time to review the situation.


Navigate Life’s Ups and Downs of Relationships

When you were growing up, you may have met a few friends that became some of your closest friends. However, as the years went by; you may have come to the conclusion that you are not on the same wavelength.

Whether you are still connected to a childhood friend, a friendship you made in college, or a romantic relationship; it is essential to realize that a relationship isn’t a straight line.

Consequently, I have personally realized that not all friendships are meant to last. To read more on friendship; be sure to visit my National Women’s Friendship Day post.

Moving Forward and Backwards

Though you may feel you are moving backward in certain situations; that isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, it is important to take a few steps backward to look at a situation closely.

Moreover, communication can sometimes be the biggest problem in a relationship. Whether you feel you aren’t acknowledged or feel rejected; it may be essential to remove yourself from a situation.

Since many of us have been in either dead-end relationships or feel our friendship with someone is no longer benefiting us; it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to step away. Because I value my relationships and take them seriously; I’ve had to step away from many situations over the course of my life.

How to Manage the Ups and Downs

Now that you have thought more about various situations; it’s important to communicate openly and honestly with any negative situation you encounter.

Indeed, most things that happen in our lives revolve around another person. Because some situations are out of control; it’s essential to stay in control of our emotions. When we work with things within our control; we are able to have a better balance.

Nothing is Static

However, sometimes things happen completely out of our control? So, you may be asking yourself, “Why”? Well, simply stated none of us can control life’s disasters, such as an accident, death, or a natural catastrophe.

Meanwhile, a lot of things in our life are cyclical. In our lives, sometimes things can be going really well and other times something happens to make you feel really bad.

In essence, it is important to have an understanding of life. When you are aware of things happening; you are able to make better decisions.

In fact, losing Edie was one of the darkest periods of my life. Even with Edie not physically here; I was able to complete her manuscript and I heard her voice in my head as I was editing and writing. To read more about the book I finished in Edie’s memory; be sure to visit my Cortship Book Launch post.

And, if you haven’t read this yet; I hope you will read this feel-good young-adult love story.


Are you Looking for the Best Ways to Navigate Life's Ups and Downs

In summary, I hope we all are able to navigate life’s ups and downs. As we apply some of these principles to our lives; we will be able to tackle anything.


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