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Are Twin Flames Real or a Fantasy?

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 9 months ago in love
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What twins are and what they are not, see where your relationship stands

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Twin flame relationships are a popular topic. My most popular stories on Medium are about them. Twin flames are characterized by intense love, heart connection, and the potential to help you develop spiritually, these relationships offer a lot. The question is, are they real?

To answer this first we must better understand what the twin flame relationship is and what it isn’t.

Twin Flame Relationships Are…


Above all else, in a twin flame relationship, you will feel your heart activated. There is a feeling of the heart-expanding, as love becomes more pronounced in your life.

Centered around a strong bond

The twin flame bond is a strong one, made of the soul, it is something so strong it can still be felt in the physical world. It is not uncommon to sense your twin before they come into your life because of this.

Strong in communication

Communication with a twin goes beyond words. The bond is so strong it communicates in feelings, knowing, sensing, dreams. The twin souls are always connected and communicating on the soul level as well.

Gateways to higher consciousness

As you engage with your heart more and more you are connected to your higher self or higher consciousness as well. This gives you the potential to grow profoundly. You might feel drawn to the spiritual path or if already on it, understand concepts at a deeper level than you could before. You may also explore the spiritual path with your twin.


There is a lot of passion in a twin flame relationship. Not only physically expressed but passion of the heart. You may feel passionate about causes, projects, anything that you care about deeply will take on a deeper meaning and motivation for you.

Twin Flame Relationships Are Not…


If a relationship has a lot of drama, trust issues, jealousy, cheating, a partner being unavailable, or any other manner of drama, chances are it is a karmic relationship, not a twin flame relationship.

A connection that feels like family

A twin flame will feel close, like no other but if they feel more like family it may be a soulmate relationship rather than a twin flame. Soulmates often feel like family or old friends, and while this doesn’t automatically exclude the relationship as a twin flame one, it’s important to consider it could be a soulmate.

Soulmate relationships are characterized as harmonious. The connection feels like a strong friendship or family, as mentioned. This is because soulmates have been with us many lives before, in many roles. We get a sense of that when we are with them

Full of consistent doubts

While you may have doubts about any relationship, if you find yourself consistently doubting your relationship, it might not be a twin flame union. Twins usually inspire a lot of heartfelt connection, which should feel solid. Doubts are more typical of a karmic relationship which is characterized by uncertainty.

Meant to be on hold indefinitely

If someone is not showing up for you time and again, they may not be your twin. Or they may be your twin but not ready for the relationship. They may be a false, runner, or sleeper twin.

False twins are people that seem to be twins but they don’t quite act like one, especially as more time passes. The initial happy haze of a false twin fades and you realize you have something more karmic at hand. They do prepare you for your twin flame relationship and are a step above a typical karmic relationship.

Runner twins are actual twins but they are running from the relationship, they are not ready for the level of connection and heart that the twin flame relationship offers. They may come around in time. It can be tempting to wait and wait but if they don’t come around eventually you will want to move on.

Sleeper twins are just that, asleep to the relationship's potential. They may not understand what the relationship offers. They are not awakened enough to recognize the potential of the relationship.

So are twin flames real?

Yes they are real, they exist, but they are often confused with karmic or soulmate relationships so you have to make sure you are paying attention to the signs. Is your potential twin available, showing up, communicating in a loving manner? Is the relationships heart-based, is it opening doors of higher consciousness? If so, it may very well be a twin flame relationship.

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