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Annoying Traits We See On Social Media

by Mason Palmer 4 years ago in social media
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They need to stop.

Everyone is on social media these days, so it's not a surprise that some annoying traits have been started—and continue—to grow. Of course this is subjective to the type of person you are, but here are some of the traits on social media that annoy me.

Photo Beggers

This one is most common with females. I don't understand the logic of the people who do this one. They will upload a photo that they claim they don't like and then proceed to upload it with a caption such as "not sure about this one." Ultimately, the aim is to bait their friends to compliment them so that they can feel good about themselves. What I don't understand personally is, if they didn't like the photo like they claim, then why upload it in the first place? To bait for compliments? For attention? Who knows, but it doesn't make sense to me.

Stories From Town

This one used to be me, I will admit. I used to go around town and film myself lip syncing to a High School Musical beat that we all loved as a child, thinking it would be interesting for my Snapchat contacts when, in all reality, it's just cringe-worthy. I don't understand the appeal of going to town in the first place anymore. I used to love it the few months after I turned 18, but it's a huge waste of money. So the stories are essentially a brag of wasting money in a sweaty nightclub whilst singing chart music remixes from five years ago. They don't look cool and no one wants to see a 500 second story of you and your pals steaming, singing Taylor Swift at three in the morning. And the morning after it's always the same "feel rough" or "never going town again" stories, but it happens all over again the next weekend.

Seeking for Attention

I see this one the most on many social media platforms, and it is amazing. And by amazing I mean it is completely obvious what the goal is. Checking yourself into a hospital on social media for everyone who follows you to see in the hopes that someone will reply to give you the attention that you crave. Usually the argument is something along the lines of they "wanted to let all their friends know as they will care." The only problem with this argument is that the vast majority of follows on social media are not close friends and doing this is nothing more than a cry for attention. Messaging your friends and letting them know the situation is an option, but broadcasting it everywhere for people to see is just plain attention seeking. Another form of this I see is mainly used on Snapchat in which there will be a story with the caption "no replies" followed with a sad emoji. To argue this as anything but attention seeking would be completely ridiculous. It is bait for people to message them asking "what's wrong" only for them to reply "it doesn't matter" anyway. Just stop begging for sympathy and the world will be a better place.


This opinion is very, very subjective, and I know this by the amount of people that use emojis on a regular basis. But I really think they are overused and really cringe-worthy. They were amazing at the start. I used to use them all the time, but as I grew older, I realised that emojis such as the '100' emoji is a no go. It isn't so much the emojis themselves, but how they are used. The only time I will use them is ironically for a joke, but when people use them in serious context, it personally makes me cringe. It gets worse when the weather gets hot and people pull out the fire emoji to accompany the '100' emoji to create the worse image I have ever seen. It is worse when fully grown adults try and use them and they use them completely in the wrong context. But hey, it makes me laugh in the sense that the sentences that include them are so bad it's funny.

When the Sun Comes Out

This is by far the worst trait I have ever seen. I live in the UK so sun is quite rare, but when it comes around, people plaster it all over social media like no one is experiencing the same heat. This past week or so, it has been really hot over here, so obviously Snapchat was filled with pictures. Pictures of the sky with the temperature in the middle were everywhere as people must have thought that no one knew it was a hot day. I don't understand the fascination of the sun coming out, and why people need to post it everywhere whenever it appears. The worst part about the whole sun coming out is that people automatically feel the need to grab the nearest bottle of Carlsberg and pose for a photo with it. As if it's an impressive feat to drink alcohol in the sun. So many stories of alcohol, emojis, and the temperature come out whenever the sun does, and as soon as the sun goes, so do the stories.

There are many more traits that I have seen that I could include; however, I am going to save them for a future post. Thank you for reading, and check out my other posts.

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