Annoying Ex

by A. M 8 months ago in breakups

Why can't they just leave you alone?

Annoying Ex

Things don't always work out and most of the time it's for the best. In my case, it was the best fucking thing to ever happen to me. I didn't realize it at first, but once I broke up with him for the last time, it felt like such a relief; not having to raise a child (my ex), and basically not express my needs because they were less important than his. This guy was a class A douchebag, to say the least. Constantly cheating and lying—just a very manipulative guy.

Quick backstory: This guy and I dated for about three years and we had known each other for two years before we started dating. Going into the relationship, I thought that I knew this person because we would hangout almost everyday with our group of friends. I couldn't have been more wrong...

For a while, things were good, and I thought it was because we were good friends before we started dating. We didn't rush into anything. I thought that I really knew this person—his morals, priorities, expectations, etc.

We've been broken up for three years now, but this guy does not leave me alone. I've blocked him on all social media and blocked his number, so if he tries to reach me, he can't. He still finds ways to get a hold of me. He'll somehow text/call me through different numbers—even though he has a girlfriend! I don't know if he's using someone else's phone or downloading some free text app because it's a lot of different numbers that I have had to block because of him.

This guy has been with his girlfriend for the same amount of time that we've been broken up, and maybe even longer because he was cheating on me with her. Anyway, about a year ago I ran into him at a bar and he cornered me once I got out of the restroom to tell me how sorry he is for what he did to me and how much he misses me. He goes on to tell me that he tries to call my phone every night to see if I've unblocked him. WEIRD!

What makes matters worse is that his girlfriend thinks that I want him back for some reason. I don't know why she would think this, but she texted me once a very long paragraph telling me that I need to back off, that's her man. I sent her back screenshots of him messaging me and telling me that he misses me, etc. It was stupid and I ended up blocking her too because I don't need that.

I am completely happy with my life; I live with my boyfriend, we have our cat, and life just couldn't be better. I feel that I have moved on completely, and this person just hasn't. We live in the same area so when my boyfriend and I go out, we'll awkwardly run into them, and we'll try to walk the opposite way, but my ex will try to catch up to us just so he can say hello. It's weird and very frustrating because he doesn't understand boundaries. We've tried to be nice, but not anymore.

It has come to the point where it’s exhausting all our efforts. We felt bad at first, but fuck that. This guy did so many terrible things to me, and I think the reason he keeps doing that is not because he misses me, but because he doesn’t want to see me happy. Why would someone do this when they have a significant other that they claim to love? It doesn’t make any sense, but I guess people do this thing.

How does it work?
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