An Old Friend

He ain’t a real one.

An Old Friend

Does anyone have that one friend where y'all are really tight but when you get into an argument or a fight you stop talking for a day or two then y'all make up and you're back to being best friends? Well I used to have a friend like that and we would fight then we wouldn't talk but I knew we would always make up so I wasn't worried of losing them.

But this wasn’t the first time this person has done this. A year ago he got mad at me because he wasn’t trying during a soccer practice and I was telling him. He kept telling me to shut up so I did and didn’t talk to him for the rest of the practice. When I got home I noticed that he had blocked me off every social media. At first I was upset, I figured I should give him some space because I yelled at him and he gets kind of soft at times even though he’s a big guy. After a couple days we talked it out and I apologized and we were back to talking like it never happened.

The second time this happened it was before a soccer tournament. I don’t know what I said wrong or he must’ve said something to offend me and he knew it get me mad. When he said this I told him that it offended me. A day before the tournament he apologized and said it was wrong but I decided not to talk to him until after the tournament.

But a while ago he did something so wrong that I decided to stop talking him. I’m not going to expose him for what he did, but let’s just say if you consider someone a close or best friend they would not do this to you. This incident was the last straw because he knew damn well that if he did this it could ruin our friendship. It hurts even more because he gave me his word that he would never do this but I guess it was a lie. Everyone knew we were close buds and they wanted us to make up and go back to being friends and they were kind of forcing it on us when I was clearly not ready to forgive him. He kept trying to talk to me but I would ignore him, and after two to three days he decided to delete me off every social media and I didn't care.

Then recently they decided that they still want to be friends with me. It took a while for me decide if I wanted to talk to him but I laughed and shook my head when I saw the message. I talked to him and he admitted that what he did was wrong and he stills wants to be friends again. I said yeah, but deep down I know things won't be the same as it used to be and I don’t know if I still want to be their friend because what they did was something a real friend wouldn't do.I have forgiven him but I don’t think I’m going to forget it. To be honest if I saw him in public I would not bother going to talk, the most he would get is a nod or a wave.

A small piece of advice I have for people is that if you’re angry at someone you should tell them, there’s no need go on a tantrum and block them everywhere so they can’t get in contact with you. Doing this is very juvenile and childish. By telling them it makes the process of getting back together faster and it also proves that you are a mature person.

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