Advice: Inspiration and Motivation for Singles Alone on Valentine’s

The Way Luefras Sees It: What’s Love Got To Do With It (Watch Now)

SINGLES, LISTEN! “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming AGAIN and you’re still single...You are going to be ok. This video speaks to everyone who is frustrated with the reality of remaining “single”—especially during the February love season. As a member of the over 40 singles crowd, I speak from personal experience and based on the rantings of my friends in the same category.

First of all, let’s make it absolutely clear that there is nothing wrong with you. I know you hear it over and over, that you just haven’t met the right one YET. Or maybe you let the right one get by you. I firmly believe that when everything is in alignment in your life, the right person will enter and stay there. What do I mean by that?

From my own dating and relationship trials, I can now look back and realize that I wasn’t in the best place to entertain a good relationship. In a “broken” state, you will attract people who do not have your best interest at heart. You see, every day you send off signals before you say a word. If you walk in a spirit of self-defeat and low self-esteem, for example, trust me, you will attract people into your circle that feed off of your “brokenness.”

In this video, I advocate becoming whole and not looking for a companion to fill the voids in your life. Instead, ask yourself if you are seriously ready to be a partner in a relationship. So instead of focusing on your current single status on yet another Valentine’s Day, use this time to do a deep dive assessment on you. Would you date you? What do you offer? Do you have areas in your life that need work such as health, life skills, career, money management, etc.

So again, don’t worry about being single again. I caution you to take a step back and re-examine what you believe about love. Are you in love with being in love or do you really understand what comes with the territory.

About Luefras

From the first time Luefras (lu-fray) Robinson took to the stage as the narrator of a Christmas play at Oakland Elementary School, it was evident she had a voice that had to be heard. Today, her life’s experiences have amplified that voice to inspire others to overcome perceived shortcomings and be the best representation of themselves.

A PK, Luefras spent most of her younger years between school and church where her parents led a small country Pentecostal congregation off the main drag of Smithfield, Va. Luefras was her father’s biggest fan as she came to love his oratory style and passion for knowledge. When Luefras was just five, her mother captured her on audio tape while she pretended to deliver a sermon at home. Throughout her life as teenage tendencies and adult years would wreak havoc at times, her mother would often pull that tape out and remind her of the “calling” on her life to speak. After the death of both parents, Luefras would stand in the same pulpit her father had delivered some of the most powerful sermons she ever experienced. She served as pastor for 10 years before relocating to the Washington DC region.

Luefras’ passion for speaking is born out of her own personal experiences. As an overweight child/teen and a product of a very strict upbringing, Luefras endured many years of bullying. She knows the pain of repeated bullying which almost came between her and her love of school. Today, Luefras is able to share with students of all ages how she overcame her early struggles. She delivers power-infused words destined to positively affect the developing minds of today’s youth. She is also passionate about issues affecting women, specifically single-parents with whom Luefras feels a special bond based on her experience as the single mother of a daughter. Luefras spent part of her career as an advocate for single-parent headed families coaching them to make advantageous life and career choices.

Luefras also delivers both comedic and thought-provoking messages to singles groups and promotes safe online dating. Stay tuned for her forthcoming book about online dating.

As a natural leader, Luefras enjoys sharing her professional expertise to groups seeking to overcome challenges in today’s workplace. Luefras earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Speech from Radford University in Radford, Virginia. She obtained a Master’s degree in Public Administration (Executive Leadership) at American University in Washington, DC.

Keep up with all things @luefras on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Luefras TV on YouTube.

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Luefras Robinson’s life experiences have amplified her voice and musical passion to inspire others to be the best representation of themselves. Luefras is the creator and host of Kitchen Jazz with Luefras on Luefras TV (YouTube). 

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